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September 10, 2016

9 Best Cult Classic Movies of All Time

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cult classic movies: kaagaz ke phool

Some movies earn millions at the box office and not strike a chord with the viewers. Then, there exist a few movies that touch your heart and stay with you forever but fail to make it big at the box office, termed as ‘best cult classic movies’. Here is a list of 9 such movies,both from Hollywood and Bollywood which were acclaimed critically but flopped commercially.

#1 Mera Naam Joker

The movie was highly anticipated as it was in making for nearly six years. When it released in 1970, the film was a disaster at the box office. As was expected from Raj Kapoor’s only directorial venture, it turned out to be a box office bomb. Over the years, the movie has now got the status of a classic.

cult classic movies:mera naam joker


#2 Blade Runner

Considered as a cult movie today, it under-performed due to the dark, gloomy affair of the movie which audience didn’t like at that time, when it was released in 1982. Today, it is thought to be one of the most influential sci-fi movies ever made.

cult classic movies:Blade Runner


#3 Lamhe

Released in 1991, this film was about the ability of love to transcend the barrier of age. It was filmed way ahead of its time, which is why it failed to become a commercial hit but won Filmfare Award for the Best Movie.

cult classic movies:Lamhe


#4 The Shawshank Redemption

Voted to be one of the best movies of all times by IMDB users, this movie didn’t do so well in the theaters when it was released in 1994.

cult classic movies:The Shawshank Redemption


#5 Andaz Apna Apna

In 1994, Andaz Apna Apna was released which did not do well at the box office besides being oh-so-funny-and-adorable movie. But today, it is considered to be a cult classic by Hindi audience.

cult classic movies:Andaz Apna Apna


#6 Fight Club

Today, Fight Club is considered a modern-day classic. It has even got a video game made on its plot but when the film initially premiered in 1999, it didn’t perform as expected at the box office. It was expected to outshine but sorrowfully, couldn’t

cult classic movies:Fight Club


#7 Kaagaz Ke Phool

Guru Dutt, one of the well known names in 90s could give a flop is like an unbelievable thing. But he did give. Despite having a great cast starring Waheeda Rehman and Guru Dutt as lead actors, could not do well at the box office due to its far reach from entertainment and being too sorrowful. But still, it has been termed as one of the best cult classic movies ever made, not even today.

cult classic movies:kaagaz ke phool


#8 It’s a Wonderful Life

This American film, which is a Christmas fantasy comedy drama was nominated for five Academy Awards and was termed as the best cult classic movie ever made. Despite this much recognition, the movie failed to leave a mark on its’ audience’s mind and suffered bad losses at box office.

cult classic movies:it's a wonderful life


#9 Guide

Dev Anand, who is considered as one of the fine actors and even actors like Amitabh Bachachan and Rajesh Khanna admire him did give a flop movie like Guide in 1965. The movie was not able to cover up even its production costs. Although it is considered as one of the best cult classic movies today, but didnot do well then.

cult classic movies:guide


For any cinema lover, it is heartbreaking to watch a great movie not making it big at the box office. These films weren’t commercially successful but they surely did leave a mark on our hearts.

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