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April 1, 2016

10 Best April Fools Pranks Ever

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Pranks: Big Ben

Today is the day when people get skeptical. Any fact that is mentioned by a colleague, classmate or friends has to go through a suspicious lens because no one wants to be fooled. Every first of april, people try to pull off the best april fools pranks ever, but pulling off pranks isn’t as easy as it seems. The pranks are not only played by closed ones but also by countries and medias. These 10 All-Time awesome April fools day pranks really got people fell for the hoax.

Lets get ready to have a light and fun moment and read about these Best April fools pranks –

#10 In 1980 the BBC announced that Big Ben will be provided a digital readout. This announcement stunned listeners and they protested. The BBC Japanese service further announced the clock hands will be sold to the first four who contacted them.

The thing about pranks is that pulling them off can be a little hard, but once you do pull them off they can be once of the best pranks ever!

Pranks: Big Ben

#9 In 2007, picture of an 8-inch mummified creature like a fairy was posted on the Lebanon Circle Magik Co website. The website got thousands of visitors and hundreds of e-mail. It was later announced that it was a hoax and no such fairy was found.

April fools day pranks: Mummified Fairy


#8 An adventurer and millionaire businessman on April 1st 1978 stated that he was going to carve an ice berg from Antarctica into pieces and sell. The pieces when added to any drink would enhance the flavor. However when it rained the firefighting foam and shaving cream of which the berg was made was washed away and the white plastic sheets beneath became visible.

April fools day pranks: Iceberg


#7 In 1860 people throughout London received an invitation: “Tower of London: Admit Bearer and Friend to view annual ceremony of washing the White Lions on Sunday, April 1, 1860.” It was a hoax!

April fools day pranks: Tower of London


#6 Burger King published a full page advertisement 1998 stating that the Left-Handed Whopper was a new item on their menu. The new burger had the same ingredients as the original one but the seasonings were rotated 180 degrees.

Wasn’t this the funniest prank ever? Burger King definitely fell into the category of best pranks!

April fools day pranks: Burger King


#5 On 1 April 1972, a newspaper headlines published a news that a dead body of the Loch Ness Monster was found, but when inspected it turned out to be a bull elephant seal.

Loch Ness Monster


#4 In 1977, a report stated that San Serriffe, a small country was made up of several islands was in the shape of a semi-colon. Readers called the newspaper throughout the day only to find that it was trick.

San Seriffe


San Seriffe


#3 On the morning of 1 April 1976 in an interview on BBC Radio 2 an astronomer declared that at 9:47 AM the planet Pluto would pass behind Jupiter and cause a gravitational alignment. If people exactly at this moment jumped they would experience a weird floating sensation.

april fools pranks


#2 In 1957 news was spread about a spaghetti harvest in southern Switzerland. This was supported by a video coverage of a Swiss family plucking pasta off spaghetti trees. When people asked how, BBC said: “Place a sprig of spaghetti in a tin of tomato sauce and hope for the best.” 

April fools day pranks


#1 In Sweden, in 1962 people were informed that if they want to view color pictures on their black and white TV then they will have to cover their television with a pair of tights.

This could definitely be a good April fools prank if you can convince your grandma!

April fools day pranks


These were some of the best and the most hilarious pranks that were tried on people and everyone took it in a good way like a sport.

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