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February 24, 2018

5 Best Anti Hero Movies That’s Sure To Blow Your Minds

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Best Anti Hero Movies-Deadpool

In the recent years, we can see a gradual shift towards love for anti hero movies. An Anti Hero is one who does not possess the traditional qualities or attributes of a hero. Maybe that is exactly why we favor them. The very idea that our heroes aren’t perfect just like us makes them more relatable as well as appealing. We kind of form an unseen bond with them. They become one among us rather then someone belonging to another whole Universe. These heroes are created by their circumstances and their raw anger and emotions bring them closer to our hearts. Anti Hero Movies have become the new cool. Even, Chadwick Boseman of Black Panther fame has stated in a recent interview that his character is also an anti hero in various aspects. There are countless names in the list of Top 10 Anti Hero Movies some mutual to the lists and some not. Here is a compilation of the best among the best and why they deserve to be on this list.

#1 The Talented Mr. Ripley

In this well planned thriller, we find ourselves in conflict with our very own conscience.That’s the impact with which Matt Damon has portrayed the role of Tom Ripley in this anti hero movie. In this 19 adaptation of Patricia Highsmith’s murder thriller novel, director-writer Anthony Minghella has done more than justice to the original masterpiece.

The movie follows the journey of the protagonist, Tom Ripley, struggling in the city, juggling various jobs in order to earn a decent living. But how the plain, young man transforms into someone so intensely dark is the key story-line. We see him sink deeper and deeper into the world of sins but strangely we find ourselves inwardly wishing his success. Despite all his evil traits, we want him to get what he wants and his happiness feeds our soul. This is where I believe the movie truly succeeded.

The plot revolves around the desires of Tom to achieve the luxury of upper class life. In its roots, it is the desire for things he can never have. But that does not stop him from making them his. When people long for others’ wealth, love and other possessions, Tom craved for their identity.

The pure joy reflected on him while achieving such pleasures makes his character extremely convincing. Everything about Dickie Greenleaf warms his ambitious heart. His love for Dickie even verges on self love. A form of narcissism. The sexual tension between them also intensifies the twisted plot. The calmness which prevails over him after every murder is one frightening quality which grabs the movie it’s place n the list of Top Anti Hero movies.

#2 Fight Club

Next in list of Top Anti Hero Movies is the 1999 David Fincher classic ‘Fight Club’. There’s not a single person who has not related themselves to this iconic movie at some point. Even though there different conflicts regarding whether to consider Tyler Durden as an anti hero as he is not essentially real. He is a figment of the protagonist’s imagination. His alter ego. Durden appropriately portrayed by Brad Pitt is everything the narrator wants to be but is not. Since the movie’s progress is determined by Durden’s action it’s fair to consider him an anti hero.

What makes him a convincing anti hero is the fact that we all find a Durden within us every now and then. Part of us who is engaged in an endless fight with the consumerist society that is being created around us. His fights are more about escapism and less of futile violence. He declares that the Great Depression we are facing is nothing but our very own lives. These are raw fears we fail to admit to ourselves. He is not evil. His idealism is opposed to majority, that is all.

#3 Leon The Professional

Leon is surely one among the best in the list of Anti Hero Movies. Leon, the protagonist is a dedicated hit-man living a systematic life in the Italian community residing in New York. The continuous flow of life is disrupted when the neighboring family is brutally murdered by the antagonist leaving their 12 year old girl with no one.

Things take a turn for the unexpected when Mathilda ends up in Leon’s care and refuses to go elsewhere. Soon, Mathilda is adamant that he teaches her the art of “cleaning”, his job. Reluctant in the beginning, Leon soon finds himself training her and in the process developing a sweet spot for her. They fill the voids in each others lives. The tenderness of his character given his profession is ironic and that is what makes him our anti hero. It is impossible not to fall in love with his personality, even harder to hold back the tears when he is shot dead. Yes, we are mourning a hit-man’s fall. That is how convincing Leon is.

#4 Pirates Of The Caribbean

In this adventure series, Johnny Depp plays the pirate lead named Jack Sparrow, Captain of the black pearls. Everything about Jack Sparrow is revolting at first sight. An alcoholic, never in the state of sobriety and always driven by self interests. He does not fit into the traditional mold of a hero. We find ourselves questioning his moral standings every now and then. Given a choice he has always proved to be selfish. But strangely he always befriends the good characters. Strange but true. These factors contribute towards mixed feelings for the protagonist. He is always inclined towards cheating or fulfilling his wants in the easier, crooked paths. Even though he flees at the first sight of terror, he never fails to return back in the hour of need. In the end, we do love him after all.

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#5 Deadpool

Deadpool is the latest in the list of Anti Hero Movies. In this 2016 Marvel movie, Ryan Reynolds plays the role of our anti hero. Deadpool is a mercenary. He kills people for money and revenge. He usually holds back from killing the innocent. He even finds a comical aspect to the act of killing. He is deeply n conflict with his own emotions. He is frequently driven by the desire to be a hero, do good deeds stated right. But more than often he fails in these endeavors and again falls back into his past. He is haunted by his pasts which keeps pulling him back. But his strange sense of humor and crazy attitude makes him a favorite in the Marvel Universe. He does the right things but hardly ever for the right reasons. This makes him a perfect anti hero.

We hope you enjoyed our compilation of best anti hero movies. Have we missed to include movies of your best anti heroes? Leave a comment below.

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