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January 25, 2018

9 Best Agatha Christie Books to Read

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best agatha christie books

If you are a fan of murder mystery books then there is no doubt that you must have read books written by Agatha Christie. Lady Mallowan or better known as Agatha Christie was born in United Kingdom and has written novels, short stories and plays. Most of her murder mystery books are around Hercule Poirot or Miss Marple. Christie initially wrote under a pseudonym and her works were initially rejected by magazine. She wrote her first detective novel, The Mysterious Affairs at Styles which was also the debut of Hercule Poirot to the world. Since then there was no looking back for Agatha Christie. She is also listed as the best selling novelists of all times by Guinness world records.

Unlike modern-day mystery books, Agatha Christie books are light to read. There is no gory description or sociopath murder running around, yet her books are captivating. We bring 9 best Agatha Christie Books that must be read by all.

#9 Endless Night

A modern day romance combined with murder mystery, Endless Night does not feature Poirot or Miss Marple. The story revolves around a working class man, Michael who falls in love with a heiress, Ellie. The couple decide to get married and move to Gipsy’s acre. Ellie becomes friends with Claudia with whom she shares the passion for horse riding but she is not welcomed by Miss Lee (an old woman). Soon the couple are joined by Ellie’s secretary, Greta Anderson. One morning Ellie goes missing and after several hours, her body is discovered. The cause of death is heart attack combined with injury caused from thrown from the horse. Who has murdered Ellie? Is Gipsy Acre really haunted as Miss Lee says?

best agatha christie books endless nights

#8 And Then There Were None

One of the best Agatha Christie Books. And Then There Were None is a must read. And Then There Were None is one of the best-selling books of all time. The story revolves around eight individuals who are invited to an island. The individuals who don’t seem to know each other are killed one by one. Is the killer amongst them? Or is there a ninth person on the island unknown to these eight. The book has been remade into a popular Bollywood movie, Gumnaam starring Manoj Kumar and Nanda.

Best Agatha Christie Book/Murder Mystery Books: And Then There Were None - Agatha Christie

#7 Absent in the Spring

If you thought Agatha Christie only wrote mystery books, then you are certainly mistaken. Published under pseudonym, Mary Westmacott, Absent in the Springs is about a woman who is stranded in the middle. Alone for the first time in her life, she ponders and self-assesses herself. A non-detective book, Absent in the Spring is one of the best Agatha Christie books you must read.

best agatha christie books - absent in the spring

#6 Peril at End House

A book full of twists, Peril at End House will keep you hooked. While stating at Cornish resort, Poirot meets Nick. Nick thinks her life is in danger which is soon proved to Poirot when he finds a bullet near Nick. On Poirot’s advice, Nick invites her cousin, Maggie to come and stay with her. During a party at Nick’s house, Maggie is killed. Why would someone want to kill Nick? What is the motive?

best agatha christie books - peril at end house

#5 Death Comes as The End

Set in 2000 B.C., Death Comes as the End is one of the finest Agatha Christie books. The novel is based on some real letters from the Egyptian Middle Kingdom. The story follows Imhotep who returns home with a mistress, Nofret. Nofret, who is not well-liked by Imhotep’s children, is soon found dead. What follows her death is string of murders. Has Nofret’s spirit returned to avenge her death or is there a psychopath lurking near the Imhotep’s house?

best agatha christie books - death comes as the end

#4 The Mysterious Affair at Styles

The Mysterious Affair at Styles was Agatha Christie’s first published novel. A wealthy widow, Emily Cavendish, remarries Alfred Inglethorp. Emily, her new husband and her step-sons live with her at an estate in Styles (inherited by Emily after her first husband’s death). The family wakes up to find Emily dead. A classic who-done-it, you will keep guessing till the end who killed Emily Cavendish.

Best Agatha christie Books - The Mysterious Affair at Styles

#3 Death on the Nile

A classic triangle love story, Death on the Nile revolves around Linnet, her husband Simon and Jacqueline (Simon’s ex-fiancee). Linnet, a beautiful socialite, marries her gamekeeper, Simon. Simon who was engaged to Jacqueline had broken-off with her after Jacqueline fell for hard time. In heat of anger, Jacqueline had threatened Linnet that she will kill Linnet. To escape Jacqueline, Linnet and Simon board a steamer touring Nile. Unfortunately, they find Jacqueline on the same steamer. Soon, Linnet is found dead. Is Jacqueline really the killer or is it someone else?

Best Agatha christie Books - Death on the Nile

#2 Murder on the Orient Express

One of the famous and best Agatha Christie books, Murder on the Orient Express is my personal favorite. What happens if you find yourself in a place where you shouldn’t be? This exactly happens with Poirot, when he is summoned back to London and has to board the Orient Express. The train goes off-track due to blizzard. While the help is on way, one of the passengers, Mr. Ratchett is found murdered. Mr. Ratchett’s door is locked from inside, his room window is broken and he has been stabbed multiple times.

best agatha christie books: murder on the orient express

#1 The Rose and The Yew Tree

The Rose and The Yew Tree is about war veteran Gabriel who wants to become a politician and Isabella, a young and rich woman engaged to her cousin. The love between the two is forbidden. Isabella will lose her comforts if she chooses Gabriel and Gabriel will lose his seat. A novel set against a political backdrop also deals with issues such as class divide and climbing the societal ladder.

best agatha christie books - the rose and the yew tree

These were some of the best Agatha Christie books which you must read. Have we missed your favorite Agatha Christie book? Leave a comment below.

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