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March 29, 2017

15 Best Adventure Trips in the World

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best adventure trips in the world

Adventure is an experience that is exciting to a particular individual but is risky at the same time. The definition of adventure varies for each individual. For some visiting Great Wall China is adventure and for some bungee jumping is adventure. If you are planning your adventure trip of the lifetime then we have few options for you. We bring 15 best adventure trips in the world that include safe adventure with no risk and adventures that are risky and absolute caution must be taken.

#15 Swimming with Dolphins

One of the safest adventure trips in the world you can take is to swim with the dolphins. Dolphins are considered one of the most intelligent animals. Swimming with dolphins can help reduce stress. You could swim with dolphins in sea or pool but the activity is mainly offered by dolphinariums. You could go for dolphin swimming in Dubai, Egypt, Hawaii, Bahamas and Turkey.

best adventure trips in the world - swim with dolphin

#14 Safari

The word safari always reminds me of Africa. Africa is not the only country that offers safari but it is the most popular country to go for safari adventure. Choosing a park in Africa to go for a safari can be tedious task. If you are a budget traveler then we recommend going to Zimbabwe or Kenya for safari. But few other places to go safari in Africa are South Africa, Tanzania and Zambia.

best adventure trips in the world - safari

#13 Trans-Mongolian Express

If you always want to travel on Orient Express then this adventure trip is for you. One of the safest adventure trips in the world, Trans-Mongolian Express takes you from Being to Moscow or other way via Mongolia. If you love landscape then this adventure vacation is for you. The train journey is for 6 days and costs around $1130 per person if you take first. For more information, click here.

best adventure trips in the world - gobi desert

#12 Spirit Bear Tour

What’s so special about Spirit Bear? Spirit bear, also known as kermode bear, is white-colored bear only found in British Columbia. To see Spirit bear, you will need to take a motorboat tour to Great Bear Rainforest. Spirit Lodge is the only accommodation available on Great Bear Rainforest and will arrange your bear viewing tour. For more information, click here.

best adventure trips in the world - spirit bear viewing

#11 Outback Australia

Outback is remote and untouched regions in Australia. The population in these regions is scarce and it is the best place to see and explore mother nature. It is best to take a guided tour if you plan to visit Outback as it is easy to get lost in the region. Coober Pedy, Red Centre, Alice Spring, Lake Eyre and Katherine Gorge. Outback Australia adventure could be expensive but must be on your travel bucket list.

best adventure trips in the world - outback australia

#10 Drive a Ferrari

Every boy’s dream is to drive a Ferrari and you can experience driving one! Book yourself a test drive in Maranello tour when you visit Italy next. Offered by different companies, this tour has to be on your bucket list when you go to Italy. You could either test drive a Ferrari or Lamborgini on a race track. You could also drive a Ferrari in Dubai and Las Vegas.

best adventure trips in the world - drive a ferrari

#9 Canaima National Park

Canaima National Park in Venezuela is a declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The national park is home to Angel Falls – World’s highest uninterrupted waterfalls and Mount Roraima. Mount Roraima is a flat table-top mountain which inspired Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to write Lost World. You could either trek to Mount Roraima or take a helicopter ride. The trek is rated difficult and you must be in fit condition.

best adventure trips in the world - angel falls

#8 Skydiving

Not one of the easiest activity but there is a certain amount of thrill you get when you go skydiving. To jump by yourself requires you to go certain hours of training and is risky. However, you may also opt for tandem skydiving where you are tied to a professional. You can pretty much go sky diving anywhere around the world but some of the best places to go are: Dubai, Nepal, Fiji, Spain, New Zealand and Hawaii.

best adventure trips in the world - skydiving

#7 Bungee Jumping

Bungee Jumping is one activity that makes me squeamish but it is a very popular activity amongst adventure seekers. You could pretty much bungee jump in any country but if you are truly seeking adventure then we recommend jumping from Macau Towers, Macau (highest bungee jump in the world). Few of the other popular bungee jumping destinations are Verzasca Dam, Switzerland, Victoria Falls Bridge, Zambia, Niouc Bridge, Switzerland,  Bloukrans Bridge, South Africa, Europabruke bridge, Austria and Rod Grande Bridge, New Mexico.

best adventure trips in the world - bungee jumping

#6 Microlight Flight

Microlight or trike or ultralight is a light-weight open airplane that looks like a flying motorcycle. The airplane has capacity for 2 adults. In order to fly a trike yourself you will need a permit but some aviation clubs offer your microlight flight experience. Zambia, Thailand, New Zealand and Turkey.

best adventure trips in the world - microlight

#5 Skywalk

If you are scared of heights then skywalk can be a scary experience. But, in general, skywalks are secure – there is a handrail and you feel safe. However, if you are looking for an adrenaline rush then these skywalks are for you. Skywalks built in Auckland, New Zealand, Macau and Shanghai  have no handrails. The visitors are harnessed to a overhead rail. Personally, for me, this is one of the scariest adventure trips in the world that I would go to.

best adventure trips in the world - skywalk

#4 Bobsleigh

If you are looking for a fun and adventure then bobsled is for you. Bobsled or bobsleigh is a winter Olympic sport where you run down a twisted narrow ice track in a motored sled. Get the ultimate bobsled experience at Whiteface Lake Placid in New York. A professional slider will go with you to ensure safety. This is one of the best adventure trips to go to.

best adventure trips in the world - bobsled

#3 Scandinavia by Sled

If you are planning to visit Norway, Finland or Iceland then you must book yourself a dogsled tour. The sled is pulled by winter dogs popularly known as huskies. You could either book a 2 hours tour or 8 days tours. – this completely depends on you and your budget. The tour providers will provide you with warm clothing. Plan the tour accordingly as there is only 4 hours of sunshine during winters in Scandinavia.

best adventure trips in the world - sled in scandinavia

#2 Skijoring

Did dogsled excite you? If yes, then skijoring will equally excite you. Skijoring is a winter sport which is a combination of ski and sledding where you are pulled by a dog or a horse. If you want to experience this one of a kind adventure trips in the world then head to Norway or Finland.

best adventure trips in the world - skijoring

#1 Pilot a Plane

Do you really want to pilot your own plane and do a flip? If yes, then head to New Zealand. U-Fly Wanaka offer 20, 30 and 40 minutes tours around Lake Wanaka in New Zealand. You could either choose to let your pilot control the plane or if you do feel courageous then even you could try and control the plane.

best adventure trips in the world - stunt plane

Before you embark on any of the adventure trips mentioned in the list above, please understand the do’s and don’ts of the experience. We also recommend you to book for these experiences in advance.

Tell us about some of your best adventure trips in the World!

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