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February 24, 2018

13 Best 13 Reasons Why Quotes That Give Serious #LifeLessons

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13 Reasons Why Quotes

“Hannah, I am not going, not now, not ever.”

 “Why didn’t you say this to me when I was alive.”

Yes, you remember it all too well. The super-hit yet controversial Netflix TV series that drew everyone’s attention towards the need to sit down and address mental health and suicide. Finally, the world is embracing and accepting that mental health issues do exist and needs to be talked about with the open perspective. Today we bring to you 13 dialogues/quotes from the much needed Netflix TV series 13 Reasons Why.

The series is based on the novel Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher. Katherine Langford plays Hannah Baker, a high school teenager, who leaves 13 tape records to 13 different people leading them to the events that led to her suicide. The show revolves around revenge, bully, ill effects of rumors and everything that troubles a normal teenage life. Before we start, we will like to thank the makers for starting the much needed conversation about things we still do not want to accept.

 These 13 Reasons Why quotes are not just words on paper, but life long lessons. Let the gripping tale of tape begin.

#13 Lessons on Life

True that, we don’t even realize what impact our words can have on someone’s life. If we can’t be good, lets not be bad too.

13 Reasons Why - Life Lessons

#12 The Fake Care

We think we care, but do we really? Or even if we do, it is not because of our selfish needs?

13 Reasons Why - Fake Love

#11 A Poem On Love

Only true loves can be selfless, only true love knows the pain of the other, only true love can make you feel things that are only read in books of romance, only if its true love.

13 Reasons Why - Poem

#10 The Past vs Present

Past is all about repentance and remorse. But nothing can be done about it NOW. Its gone, what is said, is said; what is done cannot be undone. Now is all we have. Choice matters in the end. Everything matters in the end.

13 Reasons Why - Present

#9 My Life Is Not Your Privilege

Everything affects everything. Period.

13 Reasons Why - Life

#8 Can’t Run Away From Yourself

13 Reasons Why - Escaping Life

#7 On Moving On

True in every sense, when nothing can be done, it is better to move onto the next chapter in life.

13 Reasons Why - Moving On

#6 On Past

These dialogues not just carry the essence of what was happening but deliver life lessons. No one can re-work on something which is already done. Our past is a gone thing, all we have is now, and that should be the focus.

13 Reasons Why - Past

#5 On Rumors

Not everything you hear is true, maybe that’s why listening is always stressed over hearing. Everyone goes through this phase, sometime or other in their lives, either they are on the receiving end or the one spreading it. whichever case, rumors aren’t healthy. It was one of the 13 reasons why Hannah gave up on her life.

13 Reasons Why - Rumors

#4 Everything Matters

13 Reasons Why - Everything Matters

#3 On Hope

This line by Clay tells us the importance of HOPE, that it’s the only thing we can hang on even in times of despair.

13 Reasons Why - Hope

#2 On Guys

I bet we all felt the same at some point in our life.

13 Reasons Why - Men

#1 On A Better Tomorrow

And yes, we need to change our mindsets, our approach towards everyone and everything. Instead of being judgmental, we can choose to be understanding, instead of being the one to hurt, we can choose to be the one to lend a hand of help. For a better us, for a better tomorrow.

13 Reasons Why - Tomorrow

Hope you could relate to 13 Reasons why as much as we could and take away the message it was trying to send across people of all age regardless of who we are, where we are.

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