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January 26, 2018

10 Benefits of Meditation

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Benefits of Meditation

With lives full of stress and rush, everyone is in hunt for peace. There are many things we try to be peaceful and lead a successful life. But most of the solutions are either short-term or have numerous side-effects. One of the natural and most effective way is meditation. While the word meditation does not sound interesting; the benefits of meditation is umpteen.

Meditation is definitely not easy but if you give it time then you will begin to see effective results. You could meditate either in the morning or at any time but just make sure there are no distractions. Initially, you will be distracted and you would want to sit in a room alone but as you begin to get good at it; you could meditate even in a room full of noise.

Still not sure about meditation? Well, here’s why meditation should be part of your daily routine.

#1 Way out of insomnia

Do you struggle to get a good night sleep? Do you feel tired when you wake up? Multiple thoughts at night are the main cause of insomnia. These thoughts arise due to mental or emotional stress. One of the main benefits of meditation is that meditation brings these multiple running thoughts under control and restores the natural biological cycle so that you can wake up feeling fresh. I would also suggest that you restrict the usage of mobile phone an hour before you go to sleep.

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Benefits of Medication - Insomnia


#2 Lower blood pressure

Struggling with high blood pressure? A calm and composed mind can control your blood pressure. In a relaxed state, the body produces the more nitric oxide, which helps blood vessels to open up, reducing the pressure of blood flowing. Opt for morning meditation to keep yourself relaxed throughout the day and control the blood pressure.

Benefits of Meditation - Control Blood Pressure

#3 Say goodbye to stress

Stress is why most therapists would suggest you meditate. We all experience stress in our day to day lives.  Stress leads to increase of cortisol (stree hormone). If you meditate on regular basis then you control any stressful situation by being calm and peaceful. Under stress, we take wrong decisions and make avoidable mistakes.

Benefits of Meditation - Stress

#4 Foster your Creativity

When your mind is clear; you can think better. Have you noticed, when you are happy, your brain is active? You are able to think clear which in return helps you to think of ideas and promotes problem solving. Practice simple technique of breathing in and out to enhance concentration and improve clarity.

Benefits of Meditation - Foster Creativity


#5 Improves concentration

Not able to study for that exam or complete your project? How many times has it happened with you that your mind wanders away when you sit down to study? This happens with me a lot, especially, when my mind is not calm or focused. Peer pressure and competition is another reason why students of today struggle to remain focused. Students of all age can reap the benefits of meditation. Regular meditation can help you keep focused and conquer any challenge. It can also help you do better at exams.

Benefits of Meditation - Keeps Focused

#6 Improves immunity

Your body needs rest to regenerate itself. With hustle bustle of day to day life, it becomes tough for your body to restore itself and hence it becomes prone to illness and infection. Prolonged periods of mental and physical stress invite unwanted diseases and makes immune system weak. The parasympathetic nervous system tends to stimulate in people who meditate. It is one of the greatest benefits of meditation.

Benefits of Meditation - Immune System

#7 Must know Beauty secret

Ageing, wrinkles and dull skin are signs of stress. Cortisol, a stress hormone, not only accelerates ageing but also damages the collagen and slows down the production of new skin growth. One of the indirect benefits of meditation is that it gives us clear and glowing skin. Meditation on regular basis can keep our mind calm and stress-free which in turn keeps our skin healthy.

Health Benefits of Meditation

#8 Time to know yourself

The me-time meditation gives can help you introspect yourself. Meditation helps you not only analyze your emotions but also help you to control them. This will help you tackle the worse situation in the most calm way.

Benefits of Meditation - Know Yourself

#9 Change brain for better

Studies show that minimum 8 weeks of meditation can change your brain, i.e., certain regions in our brain thickens. There is an increase in the grey matter density in the hippocampus (a tiny organ in our brain that is responsible for learning and memory; and susceptible to depression). Regular meditation also decreases the size of amygdala (culprit that causes anxiety, fear and stress). This enables us to remember things and concentrate.

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Benefits of Meditation - Healthy Brain

#10 Dose of happiness

Regular meditation also thickens the prefrontal cortex in our brain. Prefrontal cortex is responsible for emotion regulation and problem solving. Decrease of amygdala and increase of prefrontal cortex weakens the connection between the two. This helps you to control your emotions and manage situations calm.

Benefits of Meditation - Being Happy
These were just some of the benefits of meditation. Research proves that 40 minutes of meditation daily can make you more calm and stress-free. It improves your overall health.

Have you tried meditation before? How did it help you? Leave a comment below and share with us.

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