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July 26, 2016

Babies born with deformities worshipped as God

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In India due to illiteracy and superstition, many people worship kids born with deformities. Usually, they are thought to be the reincarnation of god or goddess. Here are 5 such cases:

#1 A dark face and fair body – birth defect, ought to be Maa Kali born

Even though this baby girl died within 30 minutes of her birth, people from all over Uttar Pradesh village flocked to have a glimpse of the corpse as they believed her to be a reincarnation of Goddess Kali.

#2 Baby girl with trunk worshipped as Lord Ganesha

This baby is born with a protrusion which looks like a trunk. People believed that she was the reincarnation of Lord Ganesha and came from far and wide to worship her.

Doctors state that her condition is most liable to have been set off by a gene mutation due to malnutrition and profound pollution in the region. This baby was born in Aligarh a village which has meager infrastructure and very bad domestic water supply.

#3 Baby girl with four eyes and two faces worshipped as Goddess Durga

This baby girl born in Uttar Pradesh was made the object of worship because she had 4 eyes and 2 faces. She was considered a re-embodiment of Goddess Durga. People thronged to be blessed by the child.

#4 Goddess Lakshmi or the case of a parasitic twin

Lakshmi Tatma took birth attached to a parasitic twin. She was worshiped as Goddess Lakshmi because she had 8 limbs and shared body parts with her twin. But doctors insist that it is merely a birth deformity due to an underdevelopment of twins when in the womb. After a surgery she became normal and now attends the school like all other children of her age do.


#5 Boy with tail worshiped as Hanuman

This 6-year-old boy in Uttar Pradesh is born with a 12-inch long braid of hair on his back which looks like a tail. He is referred to as a miracle boy and is worshipped as a re-incarnation of Lord Hanuman. The family members of this boy are not in for shaving off the hair since they believe it to be a gift from God. But the truth is that this is a disability known as Spina bifida (split spine) that may result in paralysis and trouble in learning in the future. In fact, this is due to the malformation of the bones in the spine around the spinal cord.

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