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February 15, 2018

11 Awesome Health Benefits Of Orange Peel

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Health Benefits of Orange Peel

Do you love drinking orange juice? Good! What do you do with the peels after you prepare your orange juice? Throw them away may be? This is something you should not do as there are many orange peel benefits and uses. Don’t believe us? We bring some amazing health benefits of orange peel that we are sure you didn’t know about.

#1 Helps In Reduction Of Cholesterol

Can you eat orange peel? If not, then please give it a try as these consists of hesperidin, a flavonoid with properties that metabolize the lipids in the blood. This helps in reducing the fat in the blood and eventually the cholesterol level is reduced in your body. The unknown fact about orange peel is that the orange peel contains 20% more hesperidin than in the fruit itself. If you can’t eat the orange peel by itself then grate the peel and use the zest to garnish your salad or smoothie.

Health Benefits of Orange Peel - Orange Zest

#2 Acts Against Fungi And Bacteria

There are many health benefits of orange peel and this one is not so popular. The orange peel is rich in flavonoids (organic compounds found in plants and categorized as plant secondary metabolites) and flavonoids have been scientifically proven to be beneficial in case of anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory treatments. Many studies have also proved that orange peel oils are effective in fighting fungal infections.

Health Benefits of Orange Peel - Fungi Infection

#3 A Natural Skin Cleaner

People who love the clean look of freshly brightened skin should make use of an orange’s natural nutrients by making an orange peel powder and then mix that powder with honey and yogurt. After mixing thoroughly, apply to your face. This keeps your skin clean, shiny and remove the settled dust which is not removed by soaps and water.

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Health Benefits of Orange Peel - Healthy Skin

#4 Lowers High Blood Pressure

Studies have proved that there is a high content of polymethoxylated flavones (PMFs) in orange peels. They keep the blood pressure and problems regarding blood pressure at bay. People suffering from blood pressure can include orange peels in their diet and it will help in reducing the aforementioned health trouble.

Health Benefits of Orange Peel - Blood Pressure

#5 Improves Digestion

Benefits of eating orange peel also include improvement of digestion activities. They provide a lot of help in reducing chances of constipation. Moreover, gastric problems, heartburn, and vomiting can also be tamed and controlled by eating orange peels. It is pleasantly surprising to notice that orange peel used to feed animals by us, have so many qualities to improve our health!

Health Benefits of Orange Peel - Shields from Cancer

#6 Shields From Cancer

Few studies have shown that consumption of orange peels in high quantity in the diet decreases the risk of human cancers like skin, breast and colon cancer. One of the key health benefits of orange peel is that it protects colon by binding itself to the toxic chemicals in the food. This results in obstructing their exposure to the intestinal mucous membrane.

Health Benefits of Orange Peel

#7 Orange Peel Provides Natural Fibers For Intestines

Orange peels also contain pectin, which is a natural fiber. Pectin safeguards the human body from stomach problems and maintains healthy blood sugar levels. Also, a series of helpful bacteria take care for our intestinal flora and supports digestion when we include orange peels in our diet.

Health Benefits of Orange Peel - Intenstine

#8 Cures Headache

Aromatherapy is also one of the best usages of orange peel when used for the same, it relieves headache. Also, one can also get rid of depression and anxiety by usage of orange peel as aromatherapy substance. So, this unique property adds to the orange peels benefits.

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Health Benefits of Orange Peel - Headache

#9 Organic Orange Peel As A lung Cleanser

With its redness and rich content of histamine, the organic orange peel is very helpful in cleaning the lungs effectively and keeps all types of respiratory problems away.

Health Benefits of Orange Peel - Respiratory Problems

#10 Boosts Immune System

Orange peels (mostly dried orange peel) have a great amount of Vitamin C and Beta-Carotene in them and hence, these are a great supplement during to keep cold and flu away.

Health Benefits of Orange Peel - Boosts Immunity

#11 Cures Hangover

To keep control of your brain during a hangover, the smell of orange peel cuts the hangover in a great deal and will bring one back in ‘a sane state’. However, we do recommend you to drink responsibly.

Health Benefits of Orange Peel - Hangover

These were some of the orange peel benefits. Orange peel can keep common diseases at bay and we hope you don’t throw away the orange peels next time!

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