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September 28, 2016

Atlas of Beauty: 20 Photos of Women from All Around the World

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Mihaela Noroc

There are many languages around the world, but one that we all are familiar fully with is the language of pictures. We can easily understand if something represented to us visually, so this wonderful photographer tried to portray beauty in her own style. Mihaela Noroc, left her job, her home country Romania and traveled over 60 countries to take pictures of different women‘s throughout her journey for her unique timeless collection which she titled as the Atlas Of Beauty.

For her beauty is something which comes from the heart and also she thinks that most wonderful style statement is to be connected to one’s origins and culture. So she made it her mission to capture beauty in its true from when she packed up her bag and camera in 2014 she had this only one mission to follow.

Here are some preserved timeless pieces from her collection –

#1 Rajasthan, India


Not only the place but its culture has also inspired her when she photographed this woman dressed in colorful traditional Rajasthani Outfit with traditional ornaments to complete her look.

#2 Istanbul, Turkey


She photographed a student who had just moved from Cyprus to Istanbul to study Acting.

#3 San Francisco, U.S.A

San Francisco

Here she had captured the beauty of the golden gate bridge in foggy atmosphere which had just added extra charm to this piece

#4 Bukhara, Uzbekistan


She had taken this photo in 2013, the specialty that made it part of this collection is that it shows the beauty of all women from young to old.

#5 Transylvania, Romania


She had captured this Romanian beauty in the heart of the country, Transylvania which is also famous for Castle of Count Dracula.

#6 Wakhan Corridor, Afghanistan


This woman, who was captured on her camera made one of the top portraits because of her unique glowing eyes.

#7 Kathmandu, Nepal


She photographed the Buddhist nun few days after the fatal earthquake had hit Nepal.

#8 Istanbul, Turkey


She had captured the beauty of the Kurdish women in the middle of the biggest city of Turkey.

#9 Tibetan Plateau, China

Tibetan Plateau

She had taken this photograph when she was learning about the Tibetan customs of Xiahe region of China

#10 Baltic Sea, Finland

Baltic Sea

This was one of her first locations for photography after she had started this project

#11 Ethiopia


She took this photograph when this woman was cleaning a small hotel room in Ethiopia

#12 Harlem, New York


She photographed this beauty during her stay in New York

#13 Latvia


She captured this blond haired beauty in the March of 2015

#14 Ecuador


This picture shows how it will look if beauty had been mixed with pure joy.

#15 Oxford, UK


This beauty is a lover of art and she wants to be an academician.

#16 The Amazon, Ecuador

The Amazon

This Amazonian woman from Kichwa tribe had posed for the photographer in her wedding dress.

#17 Havana, Cuba


This picture perfectly captures the Caribbean spirit of lively town of Havana

#18 Laos


This can truly be said a timeless piece because it shows beauty is Ageless.

#19 Xiahe, China


She had captured the delicate and natural beauty of Han Chinese woman.

#20 Medellin, Columbia

ColumbiaShe had captured this beauty accidentally while roaming on the streets of the city.

Featured Image: Google Images

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