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July 21, 2016

When In Arunachal Pradesh: Places To Visit, Eat And Shop

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Arunachal Pradesh: cover pic

Arunachal Pradesh: an unexplained, paranormal and supernatural land inserted in the north eastern tip of India. It is amongst the minimum developed regions in Asia. Nature lovers are sure to find the place an untouched Shangri-La. HookedUpon presents to you 9 places to visit, eat and shop, when in Arunachal Pradesh.

#1 Tawang
Tawang situated at a height of 10000 feet above average sea level is surrounded by stunning lakes. The Tawang monastery seen here is 400-year-old and is named one amongst the biggest Indian monasteries.

#2 Roing

If you ever feel like you want solitude then Roing is the perfect place. The scenic exquisiteness of the place draws travelers throughout the world.

#3 Itanagar

Itanagar is the state capital and has a variety of attractions including Itanagar Wildlife Sanctuary, The State Museum, Ita Fort, Polo Park, Ganga Lake and a lot more. The Wildlife Sanctuary is the home for different species like the goral, antelopes, porcupines, Himalayan black bear, langur and a lot more.

#4 Bomdila
In case you want to view the snow covered Himalayan ranges then Bomdila is the ideal place. The place is located 8000 feet above the level of the sea. You will surely enjoy the cool climate as well as the apple orchards.

#5 Ziro

Ziro is aka Apatani Plateau. Talley Valley, Wild Life Sanctuary and fish farm are some of the most excellent attractions that Ziro has to offer.

#6 Bhalukpong

You can keep yourself physically fit by river rafting, trekking and hiking when you are in Bhalukpong. Also make it a point to visit The Kaziranga National Park as well as Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary.

#7 Pasighat

Pasighat is the oldest town and the gateway to Arunachal Pradesh. It is situated on the Siang River banks and is 155 meters above the sea level. The Grand River Brahmaputra flows from Tibet to this place.

#8 Namdapha National Park

In case you want to experience the rush of adrenaline then you must visit Namdapha National Park. The park is spread over different altitudes ranging from 200 meters to above 4500 meters.

#9 Anini
Anini is one of the most alluring places of Arunachal Pradesh. This Town is positioned atop a Plateau flanked by 2 tributaries of the powerful Brahmaputra River. Because of its high elevation, the town has an enjoyable climate all through the year and has quite a lot of natural and artificial tourist attractions.

The valley is charming bordered by mountains and rivers flowing through them. Merely cane in addition to bamboo is used to build the Hanging Bridge on River Siang.

#10 Food 
Cuisines of Arunachal Pradesh differ based on the region, since quite a lot of tribal influence can be seen in the recipes of Arunachal Pradesh. Non-veg are a favored option here and cooking is done with minimum spices thereby making it bland.

#11 Shopping
You can go shopping in Arunachal Pradesh and buy Handicraft Items, Ornaments, Wood and Bamboo Products, Buddhist Souvenirs, Hand loom Products, Carpets as well as Chinese Crockery.

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