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May 14, 2017

Are you a spice eater? These 7 Dishes Are a Must Try

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We all prefer our dishes as per our taste buds. Some of us like it spicy and some of us like our food bland. As Indians, we are proud to call us spice eaters and sprinkle chilli peppers over anything that looks bland. In fact, chillis have health benefits and are good for our health.

If you are one of those who like to test spice level and keep challenging your own taste buds, then these 7 dishes found across India are worth a try.

#7 Andhra Mutton fry

Going to Andhra Pradesh and not trying Andhra mutton fry will be a big disappointment!  Cooked with several spices and around eight chilies, the dish will make you automatically make you search for water. However, no one stops eating it once started despite knowing how spicy it is.

#6 Sichuan Spicy Hot pot

Mouth watering yes! But also extra spicy and hot! A typical dish you need to try if you think you have enough capacity and courage.  A dish filled with spicy items such as Sichuan peppers, chilies, bean sauce and Sichuan chilies cooked in a pot for hours.  A real test for your courage!

#5 Tungtap

Tungtap is a traditional dish from Meghalaya. A spicy and exciting dish! An easy dish to prepare, firstly charred your fish on high flame, then add onions, green chilies, red chilies.  Have a fun cooking and eating experience.

#4 Suicide chicken wings

The perfect name for a dish description! A mouth watering dish cooked in chili powder, cayenne pepper, Tabasco which will surely hit your taste buds. A must try dish as snack or lunch which will burn your mouth with a heavenly feeling.

#3 Goulash

A perfect dish for the winter! A tasty dish cooked and simmered with red peppers, garlic and paprika.

#2 Kolhapur chicken curry

The traditional Marathi dish! Cooked with several spices as pepper, cloves, cardamoms, cinnamon, roasted sesame seeds peppercorns and bedgi chilies. A dish you will never stop liking and cooking.

#1 Double Spicy Hyderabadi Briyani

If you go to Hyderabad and never try it, it’s a big loss. Cooked for hours with tedious juicy meat in several spices! Hyderabadi biryani never fades to impress us. Being the signature dish of the city it is enjoyed at least once per week or even more by each citizen. Therefore if you have not tried it yet, do try and you will keep on eating even if your stomach is fill.

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