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January 25, 2017

Are we commitment phobic?

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Commitment Phobic

Nowadays we are in a very different world compared to our parents or grandparents. Long back, relationships were considered as very precious and sacred. But as years passed by, their meanings are losing that prime importance. In today’s world, the youth are no longer keen about a strong and sincere relations rather they are scared of it. Who to blame? Is it society, or the different lifestyle?

Is it because we all want to be successful and achieve our goal or is it because of the lessons we learn each day by seeing other couples breaking up? Or maybe the big ideal ‘’being in love’’ concept died somewhere? In this century ‘love’ has been redefined! In the previous era being in love or being with someone was a private thing. However nowadays, being in love is taking selfies or going to happening places and posting everything on the internet. Contradicting the idea of love being a sacred and private thing, today if couples do not get enough likes or comments on their selfies or post they feel bad. So what is a relationship nowadays is it being together for your own happiness or just for showing to public.

In this article we will discuss on some points why people in this century are afraid of commitment.

#1 Freedom is everything!

We all love our freedom, and with time the meaning of freedom changed. People see commitment as a cage where they are trapped and have no way out. They feel suffocated and helpless especially when they have to fulfill their partner demands and wishes.

#2 Due to a bad past

Another important factor for avoiding commitment is if ever someone had a bad past. Because having one can trouble the person for quite a long time! As a bad relation is not easy to forget therefore people tend to avoid commitment fearing they will be hurt again. So to protect themselves and their peace of mind, they rather refrain from commitments.

#3 Lost Trust!

Losing trust because of old experiences can also lead to avoiding commitment. It is like a fear and a big step in someone life to trust again, because as once or twice trust breaks it becomes very difficult to believe on someone or even others. Rather you feel that every person is just trying to con you and will eventually hurt you. So, to avoid those situations, we relent to commit and run away from situations.

#4 Not ready to compromise!

If someone is not ready to compromise then they avoid commitment. When someone do not want to adjust, and adjusting can be of any kind such as: paying restaurant bills, or coping with your mood swings or even stopping a fight. If your partner gives you those signs then start preparing yourself to walk out of this relationship because you will end up with someone who cannot commit to you.

#5 No Time!

In this busy schedule, no one really finds time. But a relation is a big time investment. Therefore if your partner does spend much time with you, starting asking yourself if you are with the right one!

#6 Hidden status

If someone hides his or her relationship status every time the topic crops up, it’s another sign. If your partner never mentioned your existence to anyone and always kept the relation a secret, there are two options: either the partner is shy or not committed!

Love and relation is something you cannot control. Because every human being is different, we all express ourselves differently. But if you really feel your partner is not ready to commit either you give him or her time or take a decision for yourself.

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