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February 3, 2016

Are we addicted to selfie?

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Cat taking Selfie

In 2015, selfie took the world by storm. Every generation obsessed over selfie. In fact, more people died while taking selfie than any other cause. The term selfie also made its way through Oxford dictionary.

Does selfie reflect self-obsession?

Selfie may not be self-obsession but it is addiction. It does help boost an individual’s confidence but can also have negative impact. How annoyed we get when someone in our group constantly urges to take a selfie/felfie/groufie.

Is selfie a Poison?

“Anything which is more than our necessity is poison.” – Chanakya

Poison is in everything. A dose of medicine could be either poison (if taken more/less than required) or remedy (if taken as required). In ancient times, young women were given snake poison to consume. As they grew, the amount of poison also grew and these girls became immune to poison.

Selfie is the poison in our life. Taking a selfie to capture a beautiful moment is fine but taking the selfie with a dead man or a grenade in hand is addiction. We are addicted to a poison.  Our actions are similar to an individual who is not in sense because of drug addiction.

Most of us are on the verge of becoming a selkie – selfie + junkie. And soon there will be a need to open a selfie rehab. It is time for us to get clean before it gets too late. Before this poison consumes us.

Comments to Are we addicted to selfie?

  • great effort is reflecting in the words used by the reporter..!! It shows that the reporter took real pain in finding the Quotes..!! Nd i guess She is speaking the bitter truth.. Selfie Has Become A Poison To Our Society..!!

    Akhil Gupta February 3, 2016 10:01 pm Reply

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