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March 28, 2016

How Effective are the Anti-Smoking Videos Advertisements?

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anti-smoking videos

The latest YouTube video that has taken India by storm is an anti-smoking video titled “11 Minutes“, starring Sunny Leone, Alok Nath and Deepak Dobriyal (best remembered as Tanu Weds Manu’s Pappiji), the video is a humorous take on what you lose due to smoking. Smoking is definitely harmful and injurious to health and one must not smoke. Let us have a look at the video and figure out whether these anti-smoking videos effective or not.

anti-smoking videos

The four minutes forty seconds long short film tells the story of a “kul ka Deepak jo ab bujhne waala hai” and his last wish. The climax of the story revolves around whether he gets to fulfill that last wish of his. The film is titled “11 minutes” because apparently, that is the amount of time you lose when you smoke one cigarette. (Watch the film: Isn’t the title interesting and the fact shocking. Well, after knowing this fact one must quit smoking and start caring about themselves as well as their families.

The film is funny and gives a social message with a twist. The makers of the film deserve appreciation for such a unique portrayal of a social message. But the question is, whether such social messages through films are enough? Will someone quit smoking just by seeing these advertisements or videos? Many videos and ad films have been made earlier too, but are they effective enough to let people quit smoking?

anti-smoking videos

Personally, these campaigns are not as successful as they aim to be. These anti-smoking videos won’t work on people who are not planning to quit. They might reinforce the belief of non-smokers of not smoking, but for an addict, they will always find a way around saying, “Oh, that won’t happen to me, though!” or “Everyone has to die eventually”. People will watch the video, laugh, share it across social networking platforms, but will eventually pick up the white and yellow role when under stress. But that doesn’t mean that these campaigns are completely ineffective; they are successful to a certain degree. They will gross out a non-smoker and strengthen his decision to not smoke. It might help a person who is planning to quit, get more firm on his decision. In short, these campaigns need the support of other media to spread awareness about this cause, but they won’t be enough to bring about a change alone. These campaigns are obviously very good and impactful but at the same time, people need to work on them if they wish to quit smoking. The family members has to take the initiative and start a mission in which they can help their relatives to quit smoking.

anti-smoking videos

There have always been too many anti-smoking videos released to spread the consciousness and the negative impact of smoking. Smoking causes Cancer and several other internal problems and to keep people aware of it, lots of campaigns, ads, videos, short films have been made. Somewhere it can be concluded that these videos create a strong impact on the audience and few people have given up smoking for their well being.

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