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August 18, 2016

11 Amazing Movies For Foodies to Watch

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We all love eating. But what we also love is watching movies or videos on receipts or foods. We can spend hours on YouTube or other sites scrutinizing the food channel. Even if we have not time to cook, seeing those films and videos do bring us happiness. Foodies are obsessively obsessed with various YouTube channels. Movies are also inspiring to watch; they give us confidence and motivate us to cook or even to set up a catering or food business. Here are 11 movies for foodies that you ought to watch and once watched you will keep on watching. Because our hunger is never satisfied!

#1 Julie & Julia (2009)

A beautiful movie which will surely motivate you! As it perfectly captures the relationship between the mentor and the student! The movie will make anyone cook even after a long day at work. Thumbs up to those amazing kitchen scenes where you start drooling on the chocolate cake, the brochettes or the duck prepared. Julie & Julia is one of my favorite movies about food and is an absolute must-watch.

 movies for foodies- Julie and Julia


#2 The Hundred Foot Journey (India-USA 2014)

The Hundred Foot Journey is about an Indian family relocating to France and opening an Indian restaurant hundred feet away from a Michelin star restaurant. The movie portrays how food plays a crucial role in every culture and erase rivalries and differences.

movies for foodies- 100 foot journey


#3 The Lunchbox (India 2013)

The start of a love affair over lunch! The Lunchbox is about two strangers who fall in love after exchanging letters that are delivered to them by a dabbawalla. An Oscar nominated movie that cannot be missed.

movies for foodies- The LunchBox


#4 Tasting Menu (Spain 2013)

A must watch movie which will either make you order food or start cooking. Tasting Menu is a Spanish movie about a popular restaurant hosting a closing night.

movies for foodies- tasting menu


#5 Chef (USA 2014)

A passionate fine dining chef who no longer finds happiness in closed kitchen. He sets out in his own food truck. This movie will make you fall in love with tasty sandwiches.

movies for foodies- Chef


#6 Big Night

It is basically the story of two chef brothers, who wants to be successful with their authentic Italian Cuisine in New Jersey. You will surely have some craving of  Italian food coming till the end.

movies for foodies- Big Night


#7 Ratatouille

A rat who loves to cook and a garbage boy who is made a chef by accident. Disney Pixar’s Ratatouille is a sweet movie about food.

movies for foodies- Ratatouille


#8 Eat Pray Love

Eat Pray Love is a popular book to movie. The movie follows a journey of a young woman who has everything but is still not satisfied and decided to take an year-long sabbatical. Her first stop is in Italy where she enjoys life via eating (Eat).

movies foor foodies- eat pray love


#9 Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

A chocolate factory owner invites five children to visit his chocolate factory. The owner is looking for a heir and the tour is just a coverup. Though a movie for children, the movie is about self-control and resisting temptations.

movies for foodies- Charlie And The Chocolate Factory


#10 Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs

Imagine you wish for a dish and it drops from the sky? Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs is about Flint, a scientist, who invents machine that drops food from the sky. When the machine begins to malfunctions, it begins to drop meatballs from the sky. It is left to Flint to save the town from meatballs storm.

movies for foodies-Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs


#11 Chocolat

Chocolat is about a chocolatier, Vianne, who opens a chocolate shop in a remote village in France. Initially, she is met with the hostile behavior of the villagers but soon her welcoming and friendly nature win hearts.

movies for foodies- chocolat


Well this list of 11 movies for foodies who have surely made you hungry!

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