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July 4, 2016

8 Amazing Dog Rescue Stories

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Rescue Stories

If you believe that every living thing on this planet has the right to live a happy life , then this article is for you. And we are just not talking about humans, even animals have right to live a happy life. Unfortunately, there are certain people who take out their frustration on animals. Luckily few survive and few don’t. Do you have an undying love for dogs? The way their innocent eyes look at you when you come home after a long day, when you open the door and see them wagging their tail. Everyone loves to read a story where someone is rescued from a toxic environment. These rescue stories sometimes want to make you cry that something so bad happened, or they want to make you cry tears of happiness that it won’t ever happen to them again. HookedUpon has compiled a list of some rescue stories that are definitely going to touch your heart. So read on for some heart wrenching yet heart warming dog rescue stories –

WARNING: Contains Graphic Content

#1 The Faceless Dog

This is probably one of the most amazing dog rescue stories, it is also probably the most horrific one to look at. It is about a wonderful dog named Kalu, who didn’t have a face to start with. But, taken under the wing of some kind humans, he gradually grew a face and now, he is a happy dog!

#2 Tortured and Chained by Humans

A poor dog was kept chained by her cruel owners for 10 years until Animal Advocates found her and rescued her from the cruel beasts. This dog slept in her excrement, was urinated on by her owners and was tied to one place for 10 long years.
When rescued, she was the happiest dog in the world!

#3 Brought Back From The Dead

A dog was brought back from the dead. Yes! Animal Aid Unlimited, India found a dog with deep gashes to the face and lower body. But afer a successful surgery performed by Dr. Antonella, people were thrilled to see the sweet soul frolicking about, like a dog on a mission and with a beautiful story. One of those animal rescue stories that put a tear in your eye. Definitely falls in the category of best dog rescue stories!

#4 Prosthetic Legs For The Poor Dog

This one is sure to bring tears to your eyes. A dog which lost its front legs in a train accident was rescued, operated upon and fitted with prosthetic legs. It is heart-warming to see an animal given a second lease of life try so hard to get back to life. It has a happy ending., which makes it almost everyone’s favorite pet rescue story.

#5 Stuck To The Ground

A poor dog covered in tar and stuck to the ground. One of those rescue stories that fall under the category of bizarre. The rescue workers took over 2 days to remove all the tar. But, now she is under the care of good people.

#6 Dog Eaten Alive

A dog eaten live by maggots! Gruesome indeed! One of those rescue stories which will definitely surprise you. She was rescued,cleaned, maggots removed and a surgery was performed on her. By day 75, she was completely healed with no sign of the pain she had been through and was soaking in all the love pouring towards her.

#7 Tied Up By A Wire

Some rascal tied a wire around a dog’s neck through her mouth. She was somehow found and treated by kind people. It’s a story about how a dog was freed from agony and survived it all to find a good friend waiting for her.

#8 Poison Ingestion

A dog which had ingested poison and was convulsing was rescued in time because a kind-hearted and quick-thinking angel brought it to the notice of the right people.

Don’t these rescue stories make you want to go and rescue a loving animal yourself?

Featured Image Source: www.captainkat.com

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