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February 8, 2017

20 Alternative Ways of Using Common Salt

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We eat and drink salt without recognizing the other benefits of it. We never enquired or researched on what these small granules standing in a small box on the kitchen counter can be used other than adding taste to our dishes. Common salt, the chemical name sodium chloride, has thousand of advantages than using for cooking. In this article we will cover some benefits of salt.

#1 Removes Shoe Odour

We always put our smelly shoe out in air or we wash it. A better and an effective way is to sprinkle two spoons of salt and keep the shoes aside for fifteen minutes. The odour will vanish. Odour occurs because of transpiration and moisture, and salt automatically removes the odour by absorbing it.

Common salt: remove shoe odour

#2 Prevent Oxidization

Potatoes and apples contain an enzyme called Polyphenol Oxidase which results in browning when they are cut and left in open. If you do not plan to consume them immediately, then store them in salt water. This will prevent oxidization and keep the veggies and fruits fresh.

common salt: prevent oxidaization

#3 Unclog drains

This is a serious problem that we all face in our kitchen once in a while. A quick and easy home remedy is to take half cup salt and half cup baking soda, and pour it down the drain. Leave the drain for 15-20 minutes and then pour boiling water. This solution will unclog your drain and save the plumber cost.

common salt: unclog drains

#4 Heal Wounds

Jale me namak mat dalo is a common saying but did you know if you add common salt to boiling water and apply it on your wounds, they will heal? Try this solution when you next time cut yourself but also get yourself that tetanus vaccination.

common salt: heal wounds

#5 Fish tank cleaner

Rub some salt inside the tank. This will help break the mineral deposits because of hard water. Also save your fish from dying!

common salt: fish tank cleaner


#6 Preserve flowers

We all know that salt is used to preserve pickles and dry fruits but it can also be used to preserve fresh flowers. After stemming the flowers, put them in a vase filled with common salt water. Your flowers will be fresh for a longer duration.

common salt: Flowers

#7 Remove Stains

No matter what detergent advertisements say, it is nearly impossible to get rid of those pesky stains. Soak the stained clothes in salt water for one hour and then wash it with detergent. Now you don’t need to buy bleach.

common salt: remove stains


#8 Remove Smell

Our hands usually stink after we cut ginger/ garlic/ onion or clean coriander/mint, and washing with soap and water does not help. The simplest solution is to mix a tablespoon of salt with lemon juice. Rub the mixture and wash your hands. The smell will vanish.

common salt: remove smell

#9 Prevent egg cracks

If ever you are boiling eggs and do not want the shells to crack, then add a teaspoon of salt to the boiling water.

common salt: prevent egg cracks

#10 Wash vegetables

A quick and efficient way to wash green leafy vegetables is to soak them for few minutes in mildly slated water.

common salt: wash vegetables


#11 Prevent your wicker furniture from yellowing

One best uses of common salt is to maintain the colour of your wicker furniture. Add salt to warm water and dip a brush in it to clean your wicker furniture.

common salt: prevent wicker furniture from yellowing

#12 Easy fireplace cleaning

Common uses of salt are in cleaning. This can also be used to clean fireplaces easily. Whenever you want to put out the fire, pour in warm salt water onto the fireplace. This way the ashes can be gathered better while sweeping.

common salt: easy fireplace cleaning

#13 Clean brass or copper materials

We often have many brass or copper utensils or decorative pieces around the house. So in case it is difficult to get rid of the fading look, clean them with a cotton cloth dipped in a paste of salt, vinegar and flour. Then rinse them with warm soapy water to retrieve the new look.

common salt: clean brass or copper materials

#14 Prevent ant invasion

Ants are found almost everyone. But one of the best uses of salt is to prevent ant entry. Pour salt on your doorways or window shield edges to avoid ant parade. You can also place salt around sweet edibles to stop ants from getting to it.

common salt: prevent ant invasion


#15 Clean burned milk

Sometimes you happen to burn milk and then it’s a task to remove the burned milk from the utensil. An easy trick to clean this is to scrub the utensil with salt water.

common salt: clean burned milk


#16 Excellent utensil scrub

The uses of salt are numerous, specially in cleaning. You can seriously prepare a solution of warm salt water while washing utensils, be it your glass or skittle. It will help you clean the grease while washing the utensils after cooking.

common salt: excellent utensil scrub


#17 Get rid of snails

If you see a snail in your garden or house wall, just sprinkle common salt over it. It will never come back to your territory.

common salt: get rid of snails

#18 Remove lipstick grease

With the help of a brush or cloth dipped in salt water remove lipstick marks, that leave a grease, from cups, glasses or even mirrors.

common salt: remove lipstick grease

#19 Remove dandruff

Right before you apply shampoo, massage your scalp with common salt to remove dandruff.

common salt: remove dandruff

#20 Body scrub

You can talk bath with common salt mixed in water once a week to get rid of the dead cells. It rejuvenates your skin with a fresh look. It will also unclog the body pores.

common salt: body scrub


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