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June 3, 2016

When Aliens Invaded Our Earth!

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When Aliens Invaded our Earth

They are yet to attack our planet but when the aliens invaded our earth in movies, an hour and a half of epic action sequences was ensured.

This is a countdown of the top 10 alien invasion movies.

#10 Mars attacks (1996)

Though this is not a pure action movie with realistic CGI and lots of explosions, this sci-fi comedy movie is about what happens when martians invade earth. This movie had a powerful cast who were able to carry out the roles of the funny martians excellently and this one thus makes for a good movie to kill time and have a laugh.

#9 Battleship(2012)

A planet similar to earth is discovered (named planet G) and is contacted. In response to this contact a mothership with some protector ships invade our earth starting with Hawaii and the US Navy must do everything they can to ward off the uninvited visitors. Watch the movie and find out how did the Navy make it happens when these aliens invaded our earth.

#8 Earth vs the flying saucers (1956)

This Columbia pictures production was one of the first alien invasion movies. This story is about Dr Russel Marvin (played by Hugh Marlowe) and how he must find a way to destroy the aliens aboard their Flying Saucers and stop the alien invasion of multiple cities on Earth.

#7 Pacific Rim (2013)

This is a movie about the war between humans and the Kaijus who invaded our earth through a portal at the bottom of the Pacific ocean. To counter their advanced weaponry and technology humans create Jaegers, which are giant robots each controlled by two pilots connected through a neural bridge.

#6 War of the worlds (2005)

Loosely based on the novel of the same name by H.G wells, this alien invasion movie is about a crane operator (played by Tom Cruise) and how he saves his family from the crisis of a full scale alien invasion involving giant deadly tripods.

The movie combines alien invasion action with emotional drama very well and is worth a watch.

#5 Edge of tomorrow(2014)

Yet another Alien invasion movie starring Tom Cruise this movie has a rather unique concept of time loop combined with the alien invasion genre. Major William Cage (played by Tom Cruise) gets caught in a time loop and must learn from his mistakes to defeat the alien race Mimics from taking over the planet.

#4 Battle Los Angeles

When what is thought to be large meteors turn out to be heavily armed aliens land in coastlines near major cities in the US, the military must take action to secure the cities. This movie follows the mission of the 1st platoon Echo company as they battle through alien strongholds in the city of LA . The movie depicts the hard work and sacrifice made by the Army brilliantly and the action sequences in this movie will keep your eyes glued to the screen.

#3 District 9(2009)

This movie offers the most unique take on the Alien invasion subject as the aliens that land on earth from a ship that hovers over Johannesburg in South Africa are forced to become slum-dwellers in the city and live in ghetto like conditions. This movie is about how humans treat these captive aliens . Events take a turn when one of the authorities controlling the aliens is exposed to their bio-technology and starts mutating.

#2 The Men In Black series (1997,2002,2012)

It would have been unfair to award this epic series a total of 3 spots on this list but this series is no doubt one of the legendary movie-series based on the Alien invasion genre. The movies are about Jay and Kay who are members of the top secret agency called M.I.B who control and regulate the lives of the Aliens who reside on our planet. In each of the 3 movies, Jay and Kay strive to save the planet from some form alien invasion or takeover. The cast of Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are one of the main reasons for this comic yet epic alien invasion series’ success.

#1 Independence day (1996)

For a movie that was released in 1996, this movie had ground breaking CGI and action sequences with a script and acting performances to match it. When a huge mothership UFO covers the US skyline the country must strive to overcome the situation while countless innocent lives are lost at the hands of the aliens. A clever plan hatched by David Levinson (Jeff Goldblum) becomes the last hope of mankind. We can’t wait for the sequel to this one which is scheduled to release later this year.

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