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August 6, 2016

A Spirit or A Safeguard?

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Have you ever imagined that there can be spirits that might not harm you in any way? It is shocking to know that there are such spirits that exist, and which will not cause any harm to anybody. One such spirit is a permanent resident at the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, Mumbai.

The history that lies behind the doors of this hotel has a chapter of this spirit that is roaming around in the corridors of the hotel since its construction. W.A. Chambers, the chief architect is known to have committed suicide in the hotel.

W.A Chambers, was appointed as the chief architect of the grand hotel, and had left for his tour to England after creating a design for the construction of the hotel. By the time he returned from his trip in 1903, the hotel was ready to be inaugurated. He was disappointed by the fact that the hotel was facing the reversed direction to what he had designed in the blueprints. This disappointment led him to commit suicide by jumping off from a window on the fifth floor of the hotel.

He was known to be a perfectionist in his life span, and a small error in his dream construction made this hard worker give his life for the incorrect construction of the palace hotel. Chambers, is often seen walking down the corridors and safe guarding the hotel premises as if it was his first love. Guests, hotel staff and managers confirm his presence in the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel. The spirit of W.A. Chambers does not harm the people but is a family member of the public house.

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