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February 14, 2016

A Soldier’s Valentine’s Day

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Soldier's Valentine's Day

The call somehow shattered her, her eyes moistened and her body went numb, the sudden rush of blood, seemed as though it might completely get drained out her soul. She wailed as she kept the phone. The house suddenly felt dark, even the warmth of the candles lit around made it cold. With every splash of water she wished all this would be gone .

With the sudden realization, she headed towards the bedroom. Every drape of her red silk saree- his first gift ; she remembered their promises . How they had promised each other they would never part; the pin pricked her finger as it bled; it seemed as if her heart was bleeding through it. She got back to her composure as she painted her lips red- her smile ; he had fallen for it.

A last glance at the mirror and she turned on the screen- just to see his face enlarged, so she could study his features closely. Her eyes saw the most handsome person- her husband; all set and eager to see her after six months, he had sneaked out his phone just to call her, on this special day. She got lost a bit in the battle field behind him, which would one day be painted in his red, she dreaded it the most – a soldier’s wife; she beamed with pride; as he blew her a kiss; Shy; she wished him a happy valentines day; her anger had drained off due to his cancelled holidays. For it was their first valentines day – they cried- on and away from the battlefield, and kissed the screen-on this lovely day.

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