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May 9, 2016

A letter to mother by daughter

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Mother Child

Have you ever written a letter to your mother telling that she the world for you? here is a girl who did this and left her mother speechless..

Dear Mother,

I still remember that day, years ago, when you said you had a lump. I also remember me asking you to go to the hospital and do all you could to remove it.

Maybe I should I have pushed you a little more. Maybe. Being too scared of hospitals like you are, you refused to go.

3 years down the line, the dreadful disease finally caught hold of you. Much like Voldemort, I’d rather not say its name. But it did and it came when it was on its 3rd stage. The disease was trying to take away what wasn’t right fully its. I could see the disease taking all your strength away from you.

You were my idea of perfection and beauty and I loved how gracefully you walked. I’d desperately wait for an event to show up where you’d wear one of your well-kept sarees and top it up with a little flick of eyeliner on your eyelid and on your forehead as a unique bindi. You’d come out looking like a fairy. My childish fears consumed me completely and I was terrified how you’d look after all your gorgeous black hair had shed off.

Days after the diagnosis I waited at home as everyone told me that my mother had gone out and would come back with a surprise. I somehow knew what it was and I was dreading it. The bell rang and you walked in with a cap on your head. I took it off and I saw a clean shaven bald head. I ran into the room and cried. I don’t know if you saw it but I hope you didn’t but I did cry. Finally, I came out to see something that shocked me much more, you loved your hair but there wasn’t a single tear in your eye. I thought you’d look different but somehow you were glowing. It’s like your body was fighting against that dreadfully disease with so much might that there was luminescence around you and it was spreading around our house.

That was when I learnt that if I smile through my pain and my body will simply follow the pursuit. Today it’s been 3 years since you were diagnosed and you’re a healthy person again. Your hair grew back but you don’t care anymore nor did you ever care. I am proud that you were able to laugh off those people who asked you to buy a wig. I am proud of you that you walked around malls with me without a scarf and smiled at kids who looked at you curiously.

No matter where I go mom you will always be my greatest inspiration and here is just a fragment of my appreciation.

Your Daughter.

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