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August 27, 2017

9 Unusual Foods That Can Fatten You Up

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We have often heard this statement “You are what you eat”. Did it intimidate you? Sorry to break your bubble, but maybe you are fat because of the food you eat. And it is high time that we face this harsh reality. Our feeding habits have changed drastically over the years and this has made many people gain weight. Here are some seemingly innocent food items that are possibly making you fat.

#1 Breakfast Cereals

Aren’t they known to reduce body fat and help in cutting down calories? Yes, they are and that is why this seemingly innocent food goes unnoticed. Usually, these cereals are loaded with refined carbohydrates and sugar. And they can be some of the worst fattening ingredients we can come across.

#2 Yogurt

Now you have got to be kidding me. Couldn’t you just spare the simple yogurt? Some people can vouch for the fact that eating yogurt can reduce weight. Well, it does help at time s. but in the end, it’s a dairy product and they are known for their high fat content. If you think going for low-fat yogurt is a better option, you are even more wrong. To make low fat yogurt taste better, high quantity of sugar and artificial flavors are mixed in it which can make it very unhealthy.

#3 Diet soft drinks

Well, obviously soft drinks will make you fat. But what about Diet Soft drinks? Don’t they have fewer calories, thus a healthy alternative? While this is true that they contain artificial sugar which itself does not have a high amount of calories, but they can stimulate hunger pangs in people. Thus they can end up making you eat up more.

#4 Salad Dressing

To cope with the dull tasting salads, people often top it up with salad dressing to make it taste better. But often these dressings have high soya bean oil content and corn syrup content. Also, they have higher calorie content and it becomes difficult to curb its consumption.

#5 Whole wheat Bread

Many heath experts can advices you that consuming whole wheat bread is a healthier alternative than refined wheat bread. While eating whole wheat bread has its own share of benefits, it hardly makes a difference in curbing fat. Whole wheat bread like refined wheat bread have high glycemic index and can spike up your blood sugar level.

#6 Protein bars

Apart from supplying protein, these bars also make sure that you gain fat. Containing artificial sweeteners, peanuts and peanut butter, polyunsaturated fat and other such products, they can become as unhealthy as you can think of. Plus they have processed food so they are even unhealthier.

#7 Root vegetables

While they aren’t unhealthy themselves, the way they are consumed makes them one. Root vegetables like potato are either fried or mixed with cheese and butter and then consumed. They can be safely consumed is eaten steamed, oven-roasted or grilled. This can drastically reduce the extra calories you consume otherwise.

#8 Seasonal Beverages

Hot Chocolate, beer, and full milk coffee can increase your weight because of its high-calorie content. A healthier option will be green tea which is high in anti-oxidant and is calorie free.

#9 Fruit juices

While home made fresh fruit juices and smoothies can be very healthy, the one available in the market can surely fatten you up. They have a high amount of sweeteners and are rich in preservative. Moreover, a whole fruit has fibers which can slow down the release of sugar into the blood. On the other hand consuming fruit juice is like consuming a massive amount of sugar at one go.

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