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March 18, 2017

9 Unknown Facts About X- Men You Must Know

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Though the film-fetish of X- Men started from 2000, the team’s popularity has been there since it’s fictional days. But there still exist few lesser known interesting unknown facts about the super-famous team the X- Men. I wish they were real!

Here’s the list of 9 awesome X- Men facts we bet you didn’t know! Fasten your seat-belts!!

#1 Merry Mutant was the first name coined

Stan Lee, the writer of X- Men initially planned to name them Merry Mutant but he was suggested by his reviewers that nobody would not be knowing what exactly ‘mutants’ are and this would prove negative for the popularity of X- Men. So, finally he named them, what we know today, as the X- Men.

Unknown facts-Stan-Lee

Pic Credit-https://alchetron.com/Stan-Lee-710248-W

#2 Logan’s actually name isn’t Logan!

The Wolverine also known as Logan is the only character that has been there in every movie. It has become a famous character but did you know that his first and real name wasn’t Logan? Well, his name was James Howlett. He took the name from a family friend Dog Logan who betrayed him.

Unknown facts-Wolverine

Pic credit-cartoonbros.com

#3 X- Men writer wanted Mystique to become father of Nightcrawler

Chris Claremont, originally intended Mystique to morph into a male and become father of NightCrawler. But Marvel did not agree as from 1989 the Comics Code Authority prohibited the explicit portrayal of LGBT characters.

Unknown facts-mystique

Pic Credit-http://screenrant.com

#4 The Professor did not know about the X- Men

Although, the heading might turn out to be a surprise but the fact is that Patrick Stewart who plays the character of the Professor had no idea about the characters when he was first approached for the movie.

Unknown facts-Professor

Pic Credit-http://epicrapbattlesofhistory.wikia.com

#5 Barney was auditioned for Nightcrawler’s role

Neil Patrick Harris, the How I Met Your Mother sitcom fame actor who plays the role of Barney Stinson was first considered as a cast in the movie. Neil Patrick Harris auditioned for the role of Nightcrawler in ‘X2,’ but the role went to Alan Cumming.
Unknown facts-neilHarris

Pic Credit-http://fooyoh.com

#6 Women take the lead

Though there have always been lead role of women in the X- Men but on 2013 summer,  Marvel released the first all-female X- Men book. Shouldn’t it be X- Women, btw?

unknown Facts-WomenXMen

#7 Colossus is gay

Different as it may sound, in the Ultimate Marvel universe, Colossus is gay. Okay this is a very highly unknown fact for all of us fans here!
Unknown Facts-Colossus

Pic Credit-http://comicvine.gamespot.com

#8 X-Men predicted the future

In 1989, #189 issue of X-Men, Rachel Summers, a mutant with telepathic powers sees the devastation of the New York twin tower terror attack in her ‘mind’s eye’. I bet this came as one of those creepy unknown facts!

Unknown Facts-twintowertradegy

Pic Credit-http://www.abovetopsecret.com

#9 Beast is Evil

In an alternate reality,Beast has an evil version of himself, known as Dark Beast that brings on destruction and sorrows. This parallel universe can flip anyone’s character!

Unknown facts-Beast

Pic Credit-http://www.artofvfx.com

Do you know anymore unknown facts related to X-men that we have missed? If yes, what are you waiting for? Share one of your prized X-Men facts and let the world know how big X- Men fan you are!

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