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January 12, 2017

9 Times Barack Obama Inspired Us

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Barack Obama

Barack Obama, a synonym to grace, passion and inspiration. A man who never failed to impress us with his words or deeds. A man who made us believe that hope faith and belief can do wonders. The man who showed the world that person of any race or color can become the president. As he retired from the post of president of America we bring to you 9 things he said that made us respect every bit of him.

#1 In his Inaugural speech on 20 January 2009 Obama made sure he told us his secrets. When everyone kept asking how can a man be so great Obama simplified the answer.

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#2 In 2004 at the Democratic National Convention, Barack talked about his parents, his African origin and his African name that means ‘blessed’. Obama told about the dreams his parents had. At the time when there was discrimination against anyone who was not white; his parents wanted him to go to the school  and grow up to be a good human. His parents are no more but they sure are very proud. With his potential he won over all the odds and have left us an remarkable example.

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#3 Ignorance is not a bliss. In 2016 at the Rutgers university President Obama made people realise that it is not right to ignore things. You should always know what you’re talking about,what responsibilities you hold and how your words can form opinions.

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#4 He is one of the most righteous individual but change can not come solely from him, he needs a hand there. Obama was always a people’s leader. He never ruled, he always believed in growing and taking his people forward with him. Like any great leader Obama too made his followers believe that they were capable of doing so many things; that they were capable of bringing in the change.

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#5  A man who has no principles is worth nothing. It is very essential for a person to have few principles in life which do not only drive them but humanity too. If you really believe in them you will surely fight for them and if it never triggers you then maybe you need to think again if this is what drives your inner forces.

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#6 Homophobia needs to end and Mr. President made that quite clear with his words. Equality is something Obama always emphasized on then be it ‘Black lives matter’ or a revolution against homophobia, you will find him lead your way. We all, despite our cast, colour, creed, sexuality, gender are equal because well we are humans and Obama have put this out there very well.

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#7 In one of his speeches Obama talked about the historic story of a serviceman who was heavily injured on his 10th tour to Afghanistan. The anecdote was beautiful and Obama choose to end it inspired every bit of us.

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#8 if you want the change, you need to stand up and work towards it. No great leader could achieve greatness alone, without the support of their people and so thinking that one day someone will come and everything will be fixed is a little too much of optimism. Change will come but it will come from us. We are the miracles we have been waiting for and Obama makes it a little more believable.

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#9 Yes we can! Three words that changed the American history. Three words that if believed in can make magic happen. Obama’s election campaign was focused around a line that promoted self belief. Now that my friend is what we call a true leader.

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