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August 2, 2016

9 Things People Obsessed With Horoscopes Understand

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Doesn’t matter if you believe in astrology or not, you’ve been interested in your horoscope at least once, if not twice. If you keep a weekly check on your horoscope or just like skimming through the memes, you probably think you know about your sign but behold, do you really know? No matter what your answer is to this, you have to trust me when I say that the girl sitting in the astrology section everyday in the library knows more about you and your sign. Yea, a lot more.

There is a line between interested and obsessed, and people who have crossed this line when it comes to horoscope will probably relate to this.

 #1 Your bookshelf has more books about astrology and horoscopes than your school books.

#2 You follow at least a dozen horoscope accounts on your social media.

#3 Your idea of small talk is to talk about the person’s Date and Place of Birth.

#4 You know people based on their zodiac signs.

#5 You love reading horoscope memes, no matter how ridiculous.

#6 A person who is not sure about their zodiac sign is just plain frustrating

#7 You read your horoscope every day, sometimes even more than once.You keep track of your friend’s lives by reading their horoscopes.

#8 You plan your love compatibility according to the horoscopes 

#9 You know about horoscopes more than what you’re doing in school.

Are you obsessed with horoscopes and zodiacs too?

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