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April 15, 2016

9 scary things that can happen while you are asleep

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After you have slogged for an entire day, all you can crave for is sloshing to your bed for some good night’s sleep. Fair enough to say that it is probably the only thing you want at the end of a hard day. But what if you were to know about some seriously creepy things that can actually happen to you while you are asleep? Prepare yourself to know some of the strangest things that can happen in your sleep.

#9 Sleep paralysis

In case you have reached the stage of REM sleep, characterized by rapid eye movement, you can get paralyzed in your sleep. While this might sound scary, it is essentially harmless. Your body reaches a stage where the muscles become paralyzed and you cannot move around. This can actually be helpful because it can prevent us from wandering in our sleep.

#8 Body temperature

Do you feel chilly at night? That is because your body temperature can drop while you are asleep. This is our body’s way of saving calories. So basically it hibernates like bears while you are asleep.

#7 Hypnic jerk

We have all felt it and we know how scary it can be. While sleeping, we have a feeling that we are falling down and then we wake up in bed, all safe. That feeling of falling into a void is scientifically called ‘Hypnic jerk’. It normally indicates that our body is very tired.

#6 Exploding head Syndrome

Many people associate this with paranormal activities but it has, in fact, a solid scientific base. Often in sleep, people experience a strange fear. Owing to it, one can hear strange noises and can even see flashes of light. This can also cause severe headache. This condition is associated with parasomnia.

#5 Sleep walking

Somnambulism can be a rather scary affair for a person. Imagine you wake up and discover yourself in a different place. How scary does that sound? Most probably, you are a sleep walker. People do normal activities which they generally do while awake. Some people have reportedly even driven a car while fast asleep. This can be a pretty serious disorder.

#4 Night terrors

Some people experience intense terror while sleeping. This can result into screaming and shouting while asleep. This can also lead to a panic attack and irregular heart beatings.

#3 Sleep talking

Just like sleep walking, sleep talking is also a serious affair. Also known as ‘Somniloquy’, a person can speak things out loud and clear when sleep talking. This can be caused due to stress and psychological disturbances.

#2 Sleep Apnea

Some people can stop breathing while asleep. This disorder is called sleep apnea. Not breathing properly can lead to oxygen deprivation in our body.

#1 Sexsomnia

It is similar to sleep walking, only instead of walking, the person tries to have sex. This weird and rare disorder can cause some people to masturbate or perform sexual activities. On waking up, one normally does not remember the memories.

Alright, good night! 😉

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