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January 6, 2017

9 Reasons Why Every Girl Will Relate To Little Things’ Kavya

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kavya from little things

Dice media recently launched an adorable web series on YouTube – Little Things with Mithila Palkar and Dhruv Sehgal. Little Things is a story of a Mumbai-based couple Kavya and Dhruv. Sweet is the best word to describe this web series.The 5-episode series is best described by the word ‘sweet’. Like any couple, Kavya and Dhruv have disagreements and there are times when things don’t go their way but still they find a way out and laugh about it later.

Kavya like any one of us is a working professional is also known as The Biryani Momster. She is super lazy but sweet as well. Her character makes the show relatable to all the girls and we bring 9 reasons that made us relate to Kavya.

#1 She is a sloth bear

I know hard work never killed anyone but why take a chance? Kavya, her pajamas, and her resistance to thinking hard makes her just like us, A couch potato!

#2 She is jealous.

Well, stop lying! You hate your friend for putting her snaps with that caption ‘chilling in Goa’ while you are lying in your bed with your feet up. While you scroll through your Instagram and find reasons to feel bad about you day, Kavya sits there right next to you.

#3 She sneaks out to eat alone.

Fact: Biryani is best eaten in a hiding.
Eating alone is fun and satisfying at times. It is a guilty pleasure we all have and so does Kavya. It is one of the little things that make her so adorable.
eating alone

#4 She gets sad when her middle school boyfriend gets engaged.

You have moved on, you are done with him but the thought of him getting married is a little heart-breaking. Kavya too has a little meltdown when she realizes her first boyfriend is getting married. We all have to agree it is a little weird to believe. Blame nostalgia maybe!

#5 She makes her friend’s wedding her ramp.

And that obviously needs a lot of look tests. The joy of trying different dresses at 2 am to get the perfect look is known to us all and keeping others awake for irrelevant approvals is icing on the cake. look tests

#6 She lies!

When she realises Dhruv’s plan and still wants to eat the mouth watering Hyderabadi food, she just tells him she forgot about it. A little innocent lie is allowed every once in a while. Ain’t it?

#7 “Madness is gravity. All you need is a little push.”

The Batman fans really don’t believe in growing up too fast or living life too seriously. Just a little push and she unleashes the crazy little monster hidden inside her. So be it dancing to 90s Bollywood songs or trespassing in a wine field.

#8 She is scared of leaving her job even when she hates it.

We are all scared of risks of starting fresh. Kavya too has her share of doubts when it comes to leaving her job. The rents, bills and the weekend shopping, there is a lot to put on a stake.
leaving job

#9 She is a Facebook junkie.

A five-minute break from the work and an hour later you are reading the most random article on food and the Kardashians. We all have done, we all have regretted and we all still continue to do it. For was it not for Facebook; work would be 10 times more boring.
workplace trauma

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