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October 7, 2016

9 Powerful Women To have Changed and Inspired the World

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The world is all set for “Women Empowerment” today, yet the society lurks in the deepest alleys , its cruel spells on its women. Women are still looked down at some niches and grooves; and amongst such; a few take birth as a “phoenix” from the ashes of the brutish world and embark their presence and enlighten the world with their flame.

Here are a few of the powerful women of the Indian history till date , you  surely would look up to one of them:


            “It is not how much we do,

but how much love we put in the doing.

It is not how much we give,

but how much love we put in the giving.”

                                                       – Mother Teresa

A Roman Catholic Nun, who devoted her entire life  to serve the poor and needy and destitute  around the world. Also a Nobel Prize Winner for her charitable and selfless work , she is the very founder of Missionaries of Charity , the religious congregation. One the most simple woman to create a major impact on the world with her gratitude and selflessness.


This notable woman , Burma’s pro- democracy leader  , she is known to bring democracy to Burma.  As chairperson of the National League for Democracy and fervent opposition politician to military rule in Burma she strives to  establish an accountable system of government for Burma. Despite of all the setbacks and short comings  she proves determination  and willingness can help you achieve what you desire. She is surely a  role model to the present day women.


The youngest recipient of Noble Peace Prize . She is a laureate and a Pakistani activist  known for female education. Malala is also known as an advocate for girls’ schools in Pakistan, when she wrote for the BBC about life in her hometown under the rule of conservative militants in the Taliban. She has co-founded the Malala Fund, which invests in early stage girls’ education initiatives.


The  Mother of Science Fiction, she is one  of the first to write a full-length story in the genre, as well as creating the  first true Utopian sci-fi novel in ‘The Blazing World’. She also stood her ground against prominent philosophers of the time and published journals of innovative scientific research.


 “If I die a violent death as some fear and a few are plotting, I know the violence will be in the thought and the action of the assassin, not in my dying……!” -Indira Gandhi

The Iron Lady Of India, and The First Lady Prime Minister of India, Indira was a destined person for polictics. She is responsible for  agricultural progress that led to India’s self-sufficiency in food grain production as well as for her success in the Pakistan war and creation  of Bangladesh after it. Indira Gandhi is known as an epitome of courage and a woman of words.


Queen Rania of Jordan is known for the spread of education to improve the lives of the citizens. A commoner by birth and a queen by fate , she exploits her power  for the upliftment  of  people and believes that education is the only key to improvement. Taking into consideration the condition of women in middle east she is surely a person one would look at.


The author of the famous book “ God of Small Things”  is a terrific agitator of social causes that are often overlooked. She works for tribal rights, land preservation, human rights, and poverty and child rights. She has given up on her luxurious life and fame and tends to be the voice of the down trodden .


In the free world where the evils of women trafficking and forced prostitution still exists, at the cost of her own life sunitha runs a NGO Prajwala in Hyderbad which works to rescue and rehabilitate these girls into society and aims to provide them a life free of pain and slur.


All these women come from a home, which strives on the values, the values ,a one imbibes from their mother. The epitome of Role Models, she is the one who has created us and what we are today ; and yet wants us to become better than her, rather the best.

A Great Salute to all the Wonderful Mothers and the most Amazing Women in the world.

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