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April 22, 2016

9 Ordinary Things With Extraordinary Price

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What is the most expensive thing you have bought? No matter what it is, I’m pretty sure it cannot beat the price of the items we’ve mentioned in this article. Not convinced? Just take a look yourself!

#1 Diamond Crypto
It is a smartphone designed by Peter Aloisson and made of platinum and pink gold! It costs 1.3 million dollars.

#2 Hello Kitty
We all know who Hello Kitty is – it’s a Japanese cartoon movie character. While a normal hello kitty doll wouldn’t cost so much, this particular version costs $163k. Why wouldn’t it when it is made up of platinum and decorated with rubies, sapphires, blue topazes and what not!

#3 Pizza
Yeah, this surprised me too. Apparently it is sold for $125 a slice(!) at the pizzeria of Nino’s Bellissima Pizza in New York.

#4 Handbag
 Girls, if you think that good handbags normally cost so much, then prepare to be baffled because this handbag costs $1630k! It was presented by Ginza Tanaka, a design company.

#5 Tequila
Why would you spend so much on just ONE bottle of tequila? Apparently some people do – as much as $225k! The bottle was made of platinum and white gold – it even made it to the Guinness Book of Records for the most expensive alcohol bottle!

#6 Cricket ball
Cricket fans will do anything to get a ball signed by their cricket player but, what about this ball costing $68.5k? It is decorated with diamonds and was awarded to the best players at the Cricket World Cup in 2007.

#7 TV
How could this not be in this list? This LCD TV Yalos Diamond costs $130,000 because it is covered by white gold and 20 carats brilliants!

#8 Contact Lenses
This baffled me as well. Apparently these lenses are made up of diamonds AND are gold plated! Normal lenses dry up after sometime and end up being annoyingly itchy, I would be afraid to even try these!

#9 Pen
Umm, whaaatt?! Yeah, you read it right, this pen will cost you $595. No thanks, my less than $1 pen works absolutely fine! Though the pen will definitely look nice because of all the rubies and diamonds it is adorned with!

Featured Image Source: http://www.today.com

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