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August 8, 2016

9 Olympic Legends We Just Can’t Forget

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Olympic legends

With Rio Olympics 2016 drawing everyone’s attention towards itself, let’s take a break and think about all those legends who have actually left a mark on the hearts of many, who’s videos are still recorded and watched for inspiration and for training and for all those legends who will always be associated whenever the word Olympics even comes up.

#9 Ian Thorpe

Thorpedo as he is called fondly has won most gold medals ever won by an Australian at Olympics. He was the most successful athlete at Summer Olympics 2000.

#8 Usain Bolt

Known as the fastest man on Earth or the Lightning Bolt, Bolt became famous after the Beijing 2008 races. He has won 6 gold medals at the Olympics and also holds record for 100m and 200m run.

#7 Edwin Moses

He was a man no one could really beat, having won 107 races from the year 1977 to 1987 and 2 Olympic gold medals he was one of the greatest athletes ever known. He was the first athlete to set a world record of 47.02 seconds in 400m race.

#6 Jesse Owens

During the time of Adolf Hitler, this runner went ahead to prove Hitler wrong about his Aryan Race superiority by winning 4 track and field gold medals.

#5 Nadia Comaneci

One of World’s best gymnast, Nadia received perfect 10 at Olympics when she was only 14 years old. She has won 5 gold medals at Olympics.

#4 Michael Phelps

His is a name that no one can ever forget and will always be leading when it comes to Olympic legends. He is the most decorated Olympian with 23 medals under his belt. He won his 19th gold medal at Rio Olympics 2016.

#3 Dawn Fraser

A rebel but a great athlete, Dawn has won eight Olympic medals. She is one of the few swimmers who has won gold medals at three successive Olympics. She was also the first woman to swim 100m in less than a minute. She truly is a legend!

#2 Larisa Latynina

While being 4 months pregnant, this gymnast won 5 gold medals at the 1958 world gymnastics. She has won 18 Olympic medals, the record of which was broken finally by Michael Phelps, however her record for Individual medals (14) is yet to be broken.

#1 Fanny Blankers-Koen

The Flying Housewife, Fanny won 4 gold medals at 1984 Olympics. She was 30 years old and mother of 2.

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