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October 13, 2015

9 Of The Most Unusual Deaths Of All Time

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Death by Cake

We hear death by electricity or by heart attack or by kidney failure but sometimes life is like a horrifying clip from Final Destination. Hooked upon brings to you 9 most unusual deaths that will probably make you cringe and give you goosebumps.

#1 Molasses Disaster

It is also known as the Great Molasses Flood that occurred on January 15th, 1919, a molasses storage tank ruptured near North End, Boston. It released molasses enough to submerge two city blocks, kill around 21 people, and leave 120 injured.

unusual deaths: Molasses Disaster


#2 A very strong sign to not get married

The plan was to give the groom-to-be a surprise at a stag party. But everyone was in for a surprise when stripper Gina Lalapola, inside the cake, failed to come out at the right time and died of suffocation. That was one of the strange ways to die.

unusual deaths: most weirdest deaths


#3 Weird Death by beard

Tripping over one’s own leg happens to all of us but ever heard of dying due to tripping over one’s beard? Hans Steininger, an Austrian man, had the longest beard and deadliest beard at 4.5 feet long. But it didn’t do him well when he snapped his neck and died instantaneously after tripping over it.

unusual deaths: death by beard


#4 When laughter was not a such a good medicine

Thomas Urquhart was an intriguing and odd Scottish writer and his death was definitely one of the most unusual deathsLegend has it that he died of a fit of laughter after receiving the news of the restoration of Charles II.

unusual deaths: weird death by laughter


#5 A gassy affair

Adolf Frederick, King of Sweden, complained of digestion problems after having a meal that consisted of a lobster, caviar, sauerkraut, smoked herring and champagne and 14 servings of his favorite dessert, Semla. Next thing you know, he’s dead. He definitely had some appetite.

unusual deaths: weird deaths


#6 Bizarre Death by Vitamin A

In 1974, Basil Brown drank 10 gallons of carrot juice. He died of excessive Vitamin A, a whopping 10,000 times more than what is required by the human body. Guess being too healthy isn’t a good idea either.

unusual deaths: death by carrots


#7 Unbreakable Glass

To prove the window glass in his office was unbreakable, Garry Hoy threw himself against the window. The glass didn’t break, but it did come loose, causing poor Garry to kick the bucket. That must have hurt.

unusual deaths: weird death


#8 Crazy Death by Suicidal Woman

A woman committed suicide by jumping off the 8th floor, only to fall on a 50-year old man walking on the pedestrian path below.

unusual deaths: weird deaths


#9 The last selfie

A Belarusian man tried taking a selfie with a beaver, and it was the last idea he had. He tried to grab the beaver to get a picture clicked and the beaver bit him several times. One of the bites cut the major artery in his leg leading to his demise.

unusual deaths: Selfie with a Beaver

Hope you liked our list of unusual deaths. I guess now we know what or who all inspired the writers of Final Destination.

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