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May 20, 2017

9 Mysterious Facts of Chocolate You Didn’t Know

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Who doesn’t love chocolate (well most of us do!). Even though our mothers restricted us from having too many chocolates, chocolate has been proven to have several health benefits. Some of us like our chocolate dark and some of us light – it all depends on what percentage of cocoa the chocolate contains. These mysterious yet fun chocolate facts will make you crave for your favorite chocolate :).

#1 The White chocolate is technically not a chocolate since it doesn’t contain any cocoa the major ingredient in chocolate.

White chocolate

#2 It is the smell and not the taste of the chocolate that makes us feel relaxed.

#3 American eat almost half of world’s chocolates produced. Sounds weird but it’s true since every second American eat 100 pounds of chocolate.

Statue of Liberty

#4 Chocolate reduces the risk of heart disease by two-third.

#5 This is totally opposite of what we hear. Chocolate have anti-bacterial values that protects tooth decay.

#6 Another reason to eat chocolates in case of coughing chocolates are more effective than codeine.

Chocolate Pieces

#7 This would probably stop you from eating chocolates. Every bar contains 8 parts of insects in it.


#8 The largest chocolate bar was 5792.50 kg in weight.

Chocolate Bar

#9 Petitcodiac river in Canada is informally known as chocolate river. And you thought it was just an imaginary river in Willy Wonka!

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