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March 14, 2016

9 Mind-Boggling Facts That Will Spin Your Head

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We are a curious bunch of species. We love to read about the random-est facts and then prefer to show it off among are friends and family. There are unknown mysteries that circle around human minds and planet Earth and it is always fun to unravel these mysteries. These 9 science facts are mind boggling and will make your head spin for sure.

#1 Humans can’t survive if they eat Polar Bear’s liver. They will die because of excessive vitamin A.

Polar Bear

#2 Human brain takes 11 million bits of information per second but is only aware of 40 bits.


#3 An average person’s DNA strand is as long as 17 round trips between Sun and Pluto.


#4 Chicken or egg dilemma?

It is the chicken. The egg shell contains a protein that can only be produced by Hen. Mystery solved.


#5 There is enough salt in oceans to cover all the continents by 500 feet.


#6 The largest hailstone fell in Bangladesh in 1986. It weighed 1 kg.


#7 In seahorses, it is the males who get pregnant.


#8 A full head of human hair can support 12 tonnes


#9 It takes exactly 42 minutes and 12 seconds to get to the other side of the tunnel which is drilled through earth


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