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June 12, 2016

9 Inspiring Quotes from The Diary Of A Young Girl

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Anne Frank

Like every young girl, who dreams about reaching the pinnacle of success and having a happy life, Anne Frank too, had similar dreams. On her thirteenth birthday, she received a new diary and decided to confide everything about her life in those pages, hoping that it would give her the comfort and solace, she had always longed for.

Those were the days when Jewish persecution was heightening. Hoping to survive it, her entire family went into a hiding. However after 2 years, they unfortunately got captured, and the only surviving member of the family was Anne’s father, Otto Frank. Anne’s diary however was luckily saved by one of the helpers and today the diary recounts the horror of Jewish persecution and the little hopes and dreams of a young girl to break the shackles of the captivity and spread the wings of her free spirit. Here are some of the quotations from her diary that will surely provide you comfort during the times of crisis.


 AnneFrank 1


Anne Frank 2


Anne Frank 3


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Anne Frank 5


Anne Frank 4


Anne Frank 7


Anne Frank 8


Anne Frank 9

From these sayings Anne Frank still remains to be a soul who continues to ignites the fire of happiness and hope in us!

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