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April 17, 2017

9 Hollywood Movie Endings That Shocked Us

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Shocking movie endings

Good movie endings are probably what matters the most, even more than a movie storyline. There are movies that are so predictable that they makes us feel like futurist but then, there are ones that have so twisted and shocking climax that we are all stunned and awestruck. Well, this read is a tribute to such movies that shocked us with their endings. Needless to say, SPOILER ALERT!!

Here’s the list of 9 popular movie endings that baffled us!

#1 Shutter Island

A movie about Teddy Daniels (Leonardo DiCaprio), an investigator (really? :P), who lands in a mysterious island with his assistance. The movie storyline revolves around how he unfolds the dark secrets of that island which is a heaven for the mentally challenged people. It turns out that the whole story was just a creation of Teddy’s mind who is no more an investigator rather, he is himself a patient in the Shutter Island!

shutter-island movie endings


#2 Now You See Me 2

A movie of magicians which makes you fall in love with its characters, Now You See Me 2 story revolves around 4 Horsemen- a secret group of magicians who execute the plans for The Eye– a secret society from where they get the instructions for the new plans. In the end it is revealed that the eye was none other than the person whom they thought to be their greatest enemy. Surprising for everyone, inside and outside the movie, and one of the greatest movie endings of all time!

now-you-see-me-2 movie endings


#3 The Prestige

Starring Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale, The Prestige is a movie about the rivalry of magicians. Although, the whole story is itself a masterpiece and cannot be summed up in a single paragraph. The end is even more bizarre when  Alfred Borden murders Robert Angier. While dying it turns out, just to keep his show up, Angier used to see his clone die every day in the water tank and he dies by saying to Borden that he does not what actually sacrifice is.

the_prestige movie endings

#4 A Beautiful Mind

The movie plot focuses on a  mathematical genius who has a mental illness that makes us believe that there exist 3 characters Charles, Marcee and Parcher who are in reality simply hallucination. What the audience believe throughout the story, that all these 3 characters exist are shell shocked when one of the best movie endings, is revealed.. Even at the end he see them but now he has learned to ignore them.

a-beautiful-mind movie endings


#5 Inception

Nolan definitely presents us with the best movie endings. A mind boggling movie about a man, Dom Cobb who can enter into dreams and mind of people. He tries to use this art to steal an important information from the mind of others. But, he also has his own issues to resolve. The movie ends with a confusing note that whether the end was a part of dream or reality.

inception movie endings


#6 Gone Girl

An awesome movie in which the lead protagonist has gone missing and the police suspects her husband. But as the story moves on later in the movie it is revealed that it was not the husband who was the culprit rather the shy, sweet victim is the real culprit. She is super smart and is able to fool his husband and later on control him with blackmailing.

gonegirl movie endings

#7 Memento

A story of a man who is incapable to forming new memories, Leonard Shelby, lives to avenge the death of his wife. Later, it turns out that his wife wasn’t dead, rather he was the one who had killed his diabetic partner. The shock was pretty good because throughout the movie we waited for Leonard to seek justice for a dead who turns out to be living.

memento movie endings

#8 Me Before You

A love story of an arrogant paralyzed guy and a jolly and cheerful nurse, Me Before You is wonderful movie though its ending is a bit of a shock. Louisa, the caretaker tries her best to help the patient live his life to the fullest and plans to change his decision on getting euthanasia. But the shocking end of the movie reveals that even after getting a true love and after all the efforts of Louisa he does not budge from his decision of silently going for a sleep forever.

mebeforeyou movie endings


#9 Black Swan

A psychological thriller-horror film, Black Swan has a confusing climax. It is still not sure whether Nina died in the end or not. Everyone gathered around her, congratulating her and the observe a red stain growing bigger and bigger on her dress. She says, “I felt it. Perfect… It was perfect.” and the screen goes white.

blackSwan movie endings


Do you have other movies in mind that shocked you with their endings? Do comment below and let us know!

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