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April 30, 2017

9 Health Benefits of Belly Dancing

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Belly Dancing

Belly Dancing is a form of dance that many of you must be familiar with. The dance form includes a lot of body movements of all body parts. This dance form has evolved in so many countries and has gained a lot of popularity.
I wonder how many of you have actually tried belly dancing even once in their life. Even if you are lazy that you don’t want to go to the gym but still want to lose weight. You know the best solution, in this case, is perform belly dancing.

To be honest, every individual whether man or woman must try belly dancing in their life. Here are 9 good reasons that you should get ready for your belly dancing classes.

#1 Belly Dancing helps you in building your abs

As we all know, belly dance includes movements of body parts, thus performing this dance help in strengthening body muscles. Belly Dance tones all our abdominal muscles and helps in building a perfect 6 pack abs.

belly dancing

#2 Improves Physical Fitness

Belly Dancing involves isolated movements of all muscle groups. Doing it is a good way for improving physical fitness. It teaches us to learn how to balance our body. Thereby helping us improve flexibility. 

fitness - belly dancing

#3 You can easily lose weight by performing Belly Dance

Belly Dance is not just a way to tone your muscles but a very good way to easily lose your weight. With belly dancing, you can easily lose 300 calories per hour. Isn’t that amazing and wonderful that only with the help of dancing, you can get a proper shape you always wanted to have and be fit.

loose weight - belly dancing

#4 Reduces level of  Mental Stress

Belly Dancing consists of repetitive body movements that help an individual’s mind to develop a state of mental relaxation and also it reduces the risk of daily stress or tension. Belly dance increases your inner strength and energy levels.

stress - belly dancing

#5 A Fun and an interesting activity

Belly Dance is not only fun but entertaining as well. Not only moves but costumes too. Not only dance but music too. Suitable for everyone, every personality. Belly Dancing boosts your confidence. One must try to empower themselves in their life.

belly dancing

#6 Keeps you Young and Energized

Belly Dance helps you stay young. You just can’t predict the age of a woman who performs belly dancing on regular basis. They are too healthy, toned and acquire a very beautiful personality on their own.

young and energized - belly dancing

#7 Helps you build your identity and personality

Women, why wait and remain shy and silent. Let’s just start working for self. Belly Dancing is one of the best ways because almost every woman loves dancing. Thus, it is one of easiest ways for women to gain personality and build an identity of their own.

body image - belly dancing

#8 A good form of exercise

You don’t have to spend hours in gym and workout. You can easily practice this form as per time convenient to you. This is a variant form of exercise that helps you in many ways like boost up your concentration level, help you gain a personality.

good exercise - belly dancing

#9 Get more Body confidence

For any individual, body confidence is one of the most important things one should have. Belly Dancing slowly and steadily helps you to be in shape which you always wanted to have without many workouts but just mere steps of dancing. And day by day you become more confident of your body and yourself too.

body confidence - belly dancing

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