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August 27, 2017

9 Hacks To Look Taller, Without Wearing High Heels!

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Being petite is a great blessing. You’ll always be at the front in a group photo, so, no chance of being invisible. You look much younger than you actually are. But, sometimes we would love to appear taller than we are. The best way to do it is to wear sky high heels. However, wearing heels day and night can give you a sprained ankle, unbearable pain and several other complications. HookedUpon understands your dilemma and found its perfect solution. Here are a few tips on how you can appear much taller eliminating the high heels.

#1 Vertical Stripe

While horizontal stripe will make people focus on the side to side, a long vertical line will draw their eyes to focus up to down. It works like magic to appear taller than you are.

#2 ‘V’ Neck

A ‘v’ neck dress or t-shirt makes your neck look thinner and taller. So next time you’re going to a wardrobe shopping keep it in your mind.

#3 Puff Your Hair

Puffing your hair before tying it is the easiest trick. As it automatically adds a few inches to your height.


#4 Show Your Neck Line

Tie your hair on the top of your head. If you want to keep your hair loose make sure your hair is on one shoulder only. Focusing on your neckline is another trick to this list. Add a choker or a statement necklace to highlight it. Do make sure your statement necklace is not hanging lower than your collarbone.

#5 High Waist Skirt/Trouser

Skirts or trousers that reaches your upper waist help to make the illusion of your legs starting from much higher than it actually is. When your legs appear taller, you look taller as well.

#6 Skinny Belt

Bid adieu to the wider belts and say hello to the skinny belts. A skinny belt does not cover much of your waist like a wide belt does and give a clear silahoutte of the area. As a result, someone with a short height will look tall without stilettos.

#7 Wear Short or Maxi Dress

You either want to pick dresses that do not go below your knees or maxi dresses and trousers that cover all of your legs. Never cut the dresses in midway. Avoid tea length dresses because they tend to cover the height.

#8 Wear Monochromatic Color

Monochromatic shades are not dull. Wearing same colored top and bottom or a single-colored dress creates a long vertical line. It compels people never to look at the width. If you’re not a fan of wearing the same color you should wear a darker skirt or trouser paired with a lighter top. Remember, the mantra is making people notice your legs more than your upper body.

#9 Shoes

So what you’re not a fan of high heels even plain shoes can help you in many ways. Shoes that are closer or similar to your skin color can be a really good friend. Try to pick shoes that have pointed toes. Shoes with pointy toes add extra length. I wish I had any other way to describe it how, but it helps a lot to create an illusion of being tall.

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