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March 20, 2017

9 Complete No-No’s for a Healthy Lifestyle

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Stressing, Over thinking

Everybody on this planet wants to live a healthy lifestyle. We are living in this era where everything is fast and up-to the date. We aren’t much bothered about the past but are in a hurry to build up our future.

But, do we even notice that what are we doing to ourselves in our daily routines, in our day-to-day lives? No, In reality the case is we don’t even pay attention to our own everyday activities because we all know healthy life is wealthy life.

Here, I enlist some of our everyday habits that drain out our energy levels and are not at all good for our health. These everyday habits deteriorate our health.

#1 Starting your day in a rush and a bad mood

It is recommended that one must not start their day panicking about things. Don’t try to rush to things. Instead take a deep breath and try to do things with a calm mind. Try to bring out the positive energy in your mind and embrace your healthy lifestyle.

Healthy lifestyle- Bad Mood

#2 Skipping breakfast and Consumption of Junk Food

This is also very common practice among the youth nowadays. They prefer to go to McDonalds or Dominos. They don’t know that they are starting their day a wrong way. To feel energized whole day, one must always have a healthy breakfast and never ever, I really mean never ever should miss out breakfast. Breakfast is, no doubt, the most important meal of the day.So this is one of the healthy habits which must be a part of our daily activities.

Healthy Lifestyle-Breakfast

#3 Irregular amounts of sleep

Going to sleep late then waking up late. This irregular amount of sleep symptoms may not be very quick but mind it, they are very dangerous as far as health is concerned. Irregular amount of sleep can make you feel low and this would take away your energy. You might feel a bit powerless as all your energy is consumed. Thus, a good amount of sleep is always required which is also a key to a healthy life. Instead of finding excuses not to sleep, an individual should understand the importance of sleep and  sleep accordingly so that he/she can make full use of his/her energy.

healthy Lifestyle-Sleep-Deprivation-Signs-Effects

#4 Taking Everything Personally

One thing which is very common in so many individual. We at times, take things way too seriously that it deteriorates the condition of our mind and develops a state of negative mindset. And thereby, drains our energy and makes us feel low. Thus, it is necessary for every individual to conquer over this feeling and stop taking each and every thing to our hearts. Instead be mature enough to let go of things.

Healthy Lifestyle- grudges

#5 Excessive use of Phone

Sometimes, it is not even necessary but still we keep checking our phones, keep scrolling through all the posts. Switching from one social media to another. I know this might be a sort of fun activity and even provide leisure to some. But, this should not be someone’s everyday routine. There are so many productive activities, or even outdoor activities. An individual must go and do that instead of sitting on a couch and surfing over Internet.

Healthy Lifestyle-students on smart phones

#6 Worrying, Worrying all Day and resisting to change and growth

Worrying and stressing out over situations is the biggest enemy of an individual. Worrying over certain things and not letting it go should not be there. One must try to overcome the obstacles they are facing and initiate themselves to change and growth for their own betterment. Worrying and stressing does no good at all. Instead take up all your energy and leave you all the way alone. So, it is no practical to wait and stress over a situation which is not even worth it.so this a healthy lifestyle tip by which we swear by!

Healthy Lifestyle-Worrying

#7 Allowing your past to destroy your present

One must always try to be strong and learn that past is just a lesson to go forward in life. Past is just a step to go up in their life. Holding on to past can destroy your inner self. Thus, one should always take up things which are good for you. It wasn’t good for you, that is the reason you are away from it. Thus, accept things and move ahead and start positively fresh way to boost your self, your energy and even improve your health.

Healthy Lifestyle-Past

#8 Gossiping

Gossiping is fun but only up to a certain amount. Gossiping all day all night about every thing will definitely refrain your energy and kill you from inside.Gossiping is such a sin when it comes to a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Healthy Lifestyle-gossip

#9 Not just Thinking, But Overthinking

Why is it so important to think all the time. As understood, thinking is good, Thinking for your betterment is good but thinking for no purpose is not anything practical and correct way to live. Overthinking can lead to worries which will stress you out, which in turn will take all your energy from you and deteriorate your health.So don’t think too much for a healthy lifestyle!

Healthy Lifestyle-Over_Think

Thus, the above mentioned are everyday activities that are bad for health. Thus, every individual must get up, work hard and change these habits in order to live a healthy and a happy lifestyle.

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