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August 22, 2016

9 Most Luxurious Prisons in the World

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Prisons are a place which we all hate to go even to visit at. Even when we go to any prison cell we can only have sympathy for the people staying there for their various deeds. The prison cells are mostly dark, dingy and not even cleaned properly. But have you ever wondered that even a prison can be the most luxurious place to live in! Yes, let’s see those 9 most comfortable and luxurious prisons in the world:

#1 Justice Centre Leoben

Located in Austria, this jail is one of the most luxurious prisons in the world. The place is given to the non – violent prisoners to stay. Each inmate is given a separate cell of their own which has a attached kitchen, washroom and television. The prisoners can also enjoy other outdoor recreation.

luxurious prisons


#2 Otago Corrections Facility

Otago Corrections Facility situated in New Zealand, has a single entrance and all the visitor are checked and scanned properly before entering. From microwave to cell phone the prison has all possible facilities a person can avail and is probably the most luxurious prison on the world. Apart from rehabilitation the prisoners are given training of work like cooking, dairy farming and light engineering.

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#3 HMP Addiewell

Her Majesty’s Prison is managed by Sodexo Justice Services. The prison cell is located in the southern zone of Scotland. The inmates of this prison are given 40 hours in a week to do some purposeful activities which generally focus on the development of these inmates to enable them to lead a life of civilian.

HMP Addiewell luxurious prisons


#4 Bastoy Prison

Not every developed nation like America keeps the prison philosophy of ‘ get – tough – on – crime’. This minimum security prison colony is situated on Bastoy Island amidst the Oslofjord. It houses somewhat more than 100 inmates who live in little bungalows and work on the jail ranch. Sunbathing along with tennis, horseback riding and fishing are the favored interests of the prisoners.

Bastoy Prison luxurious prisons


#5 Sollentuna Prison

This luxurious prison is located in Sweden. The prisoners get the freedom to cook their desired meal on their own in some of the most high end kitchens in the cells. The entire prison cell is under the surveillance of CCTV camera to keep an eye on every movement of the prisoners.

Sollentuna Prison luxurious prisons


#6 JVA Fuhlsbuettel Prison

The luxurious jail of Hamburg was reopened and renovated in the year 2011. After renovation the prison has all latest designs showers and washrooms and the cells are even quite spacious and comfortable.

JVA Fuhlsbuettel Prison luxurious prisons


#7 Halden Prison

What more can you expect from a prison when they provide you with a rock wall, recording studio and a library. This prison of Norway has single rooms with all amenities for each prisoner.

Halden Prison luxurious prisons


#8 Aranjuez Prison

The saddest part is when a child is separated from his/her parent. This problem gets solved in the prison of Spain where the children gets the permission to stay with their parents.

Aranjuez-Prison-Spain luxurious prisons


#9 Pondok Bambu Prison

One of the most luxurious prisons of the world and probably the best in Indonesia, this prison can be compared to a shining star. Almost all kinds of amenities such as karaoke machine, air conditioner and many more are found here.

Pondok Bambu Prison luxurious prisons


These luxurious prisons are definitely better than my house! *sigh*

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