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January 12, 2017

9 Celebrity Weight Loss Secrets

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Every individual’s desire is to lose weight and get a perfect body. Making goals is easy but then we might end up failing and feeling discouraged after a lost effort. So, how do we motivate ourselves to achieve our goals? Who can we look up for our inspiration? Our celebrities, too faced these kinds of issues but emerged as a role model for many.

Listed are the nine celebrities who lost weight from our Bollywood and whose weight loss success stories will definitely help you to get out of the bed and build up your abs.

#1 Sonakshi Sinha

Shot gun’s lovely daughter Sonakshi now has a perfect body which any female will admire.

The Diva’s Weight Loss Secrets: To get the perfect body shape, Sonakshi adopted a high protein diet. Supported by the intensive workout, she prefers to drink three cups of green tea a day. She also drinks plenty of water in order to keep her body hydrated and get radiant skin. She also practices yoga. Weight training exercises are a part of her daily routine. Cycling, swimming and tennis are a part of her exercise routines for stamina building and achieving overall fitness.

Sonakshi Sinha: Weight Loss Secrets

#2 Kajol

Bollywood’s heartthrob who is not only a celebrity but a yummy mummy with a fantastic face and the perfect figure. Kajol leads a very disciplined lifestyle. That’s why she managed to get a perfect body even after giving birth to two.

The Diva’s Weight Loss Secrets: Kajol is extremely strict about her diet plans. She ensures that she eats a well balanced meal three times a day. She incorporates weight,  cardio and kickboxing in her dialy fitness regime. She trains for an hour everyday in order to burn her fat and calories. Her weight loss secret also includes working, eating right, getting to bed early and waking up on time.

Kajol: Weight Loss Secrets

#3 Arjun Kapoor

One of the finest actors of Bollywood who once used to weigh 140 kilos now maintains his killer abs.

Weight Loss Secrets: Arjun Kapoor not only maintained good eating habits, the actor incorporated regular gym in spite of his busy schedule of work. Also, he follows a strict regime of 20 minutes CrossFit training to maintain his abs.
From a chubby one to a personality with proper physique the actor’s hard work really paid off.
arjun fat to fit: Weight Loss Secrets

#4 Parineeti Chopra 

Before joining Bollywood, Parineeti used to be fat. She used to weigh 86 kilos. The actress’s hard work is everything due to which she has now achieved a good shape and physique.

The Diva’s Weight Loss Secrets: Despite the fact that she is a foodie, she gave up on junk food. She maintained a very strict diet to get in good shape. Eating healthy, eating nutritious and eating on time was her secret. She did meditation for an hour everyday. Doing yoga exercises, cardio, running on treadmill, jogging was a part of her daily routine exercise too.

 parineeti chopra fat to fit: Weight Loss Secrets

#5 Kareena Kapoor

It would be interesting and motivating as well to follow Bollywood’s original size zero actress’s story.

The Diva’s Weight Loss Secrets: In order to get in perfect shape, Kareena had always followed a strict diet routine. Though she eats every two hours but the portion is small in order to maintain her appetite and physique as well. She does an hour yoga everyday for a toned and flexible body. She does 100 suryanamaskars everyday which is in itself a big secret to lose weight.

kareena kapoor : Weight Loss Secrets

#6 Aamir Khan 

Aamir Khan is known as Mr. Perfect and he proves it every time that he actually deserves that title. His fat to fit story in Dangal is remarkable and inspiring for all.

Fat to Fit Story: Aamir’s fat to fit journey for Dangal gives a great insight for losing weight. Firstly gaining weight was difficult. There was a difference in diets for both gaining and losing weights. The two things he strictly followed were: well-maintained balanced diet and proper workout. He lives a very disciplined lifestyle and never misses out his workouts and that’s what gave him the best results.

aamir khan fat to fit for dangal: Weight Loss Secrets

#7 Sonam Kapoor

Bollywood’s fashionista who once used to be a heavy weight teenager, now has the finest shape and physique.

The Diva’s Weight Loss Secrets:  She maintains a strict diet, high protein diet with five small meals a day. She drinks sufficient quantities of fluid in order to stay healthy and fit. Her exercise routines consists of fun activities like swimming, yoga and squash. For stamina building, she does training exercise every two days a week. According to media reports, she lost thirty kilograms with this routine.

sonam kapoor fat to fit: Weight Loss Secrets

#8 Alia Bhatt

The young actress is very hard working when it comes either to acting or in fitness workouts. She now has a fab body.

The Diva’s Weight Loss Secrets: The actress stays away from oily and junk food. Her meals are well spaced throughout the day. She eats on time. Also, she drinks plenty of water. She has an interesting gym regime. She doesn’t just go hard on gym. Instead she prefers doing combination of exercises like swimming, kickboxing, beach running and weights. She ensures that she exercises every part of her body for a toned body.

 alia bhatt fat to fit: Weight Loss Secrets

#9 Adnan Sami

At one point, he used to weigh 200 kilos. The popular musician has been able to lose 130 kg only in 11 months.

Fat to Fit Story: He gave up on his unconditional love for eating and followed a very strict routine for his diet plan. As he was very heavy to perform running, the trainer started by letting him do moderate amount of walking. After that he was allowed to walk on treadmill and do cardio and weight exercises daily for one hour. His regular hard work and dedication helped him achieve the results.

adnan sami fat to fit: Weight Loss Secrets

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