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May 17, 2016

9 ‘the’ Best GoT Quotes Which Can Be Used As Wittiest Replies Ever!

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A tale of power, money, love, politics, sex, killings and exploitation with nail-biting twists and jaw-dropping turns has taken the whole world by storm.


Humming the theme song all day long, getting attached to a character, mourning his brutal death later and always expecting the unexpected. I feel the pain of a true fan!

Now that season 6 of Game of Thrones has arrived and left fans awestruck all over again, here is a peek at some of the best GoT quotes and their use in everyday life, all set to blow your mind!

#1 When you’re trying to sleep in a boring class but the geek won’t stop asking questions!

#2 When you ask your friend to help with an answer in an exam and he ignores you!

#3 When you’re caught breaking traffic rules by a policeman and he asks “Who do you think you are?”

#4 When you’ve already gone out with half the college and your date doesn’t know how to even kiss! 

#5 When your friends stops you from drinking as you’re already sloshed.

#6 You’re too groggy to wake up but your alarm won’t go out. 

#7 The teacher asks you a question but you’ve no idea which class is going on. 

#8 She’s trying to act all nice and sweet but you know she’s a bitch!

#9 When someone tells you they don’t like Game Of Thrones!

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