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January 10, 2017

9 Best Emma Stone Movies

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Emma Stone Movies: La La Land

Emma Stone’s career touched a new height when she won the Golden Globe Award for the Best Actress (comedy or musical) for her movie ‘La La Land’. The movie won 7 golden globe awards.

Talking of Emma, she started her career with theatre in 2000. Her first show was ‘The Wind in the Willows’. She ventured into movies in 2007 and first break was the role of Jules in Superbad. There has been no looking back since then and time and again, the various Emma Stone movies have proved the versatility of the actress. She has been nominated twice but this was the first time she won the Golden Globe.

We bring 9 of Emma Stone movies that are critically acclaimed and deserve nothing-but-appreciation.

#1 Birdman

In Birdman, Emma plays a recovering addict who has recently come out of the rehab. She is the daughter and personal assistant to Riggan Thomson, a fading actor looking to make his comeback on Broadway. The movie shows Emma in a very powerful avatar, fighting her own demons and in search of something worth a fight in this mundane world. The character which had so much range and versatility in itself was amazingly brought to life by Emma. Her memorable portrayal of Sam also won her an Academy award nomination.

Emma Stone Movies : Birdman

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#2 The Help

The 2011 drama stars Stone as Skeeter Phelan, an aspiring writer with a lot of empathy in her heart. She decides to pen a book from the maid’s perspective to expose the racism against them. Emma’s portrayal of the big-heart-white-woman was not only very convincing and beautiful but also showed the world how in the cast full of critically acclaimed actors Emma manages to shine out and is ready for more serious and substantial roles.

Emma Stone Movies: The Help

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#3 The Amazing Spider-man

Gwen Stacy, spider-man’s love interest – a character which laughed, cried, went through every emotion under the sky. Emma Stone literally made Gwen Stacy a character to remember in the otherwise all-about-superhero film. The chemistry between the leads is so captivating and their performance seems so genuine and grounded that everyone can relate to it and feel it. This is something more than just a superhero movie, it is also a really great romance.

Emma Stone Movies: The Amazing Spider Man

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#4 Easy A

‘Easy A’ was surely one of the defining Emma Stone movies. Until now everyone saw Emma as a great actor delivering amazing performances in supporting roles but with ‘Easy A’ Emma proved that she is capable of carrying a movie on her shoulder as a leading star. The movie which was a teen comedy starred  Emma in a very refreshing and witty role. A teenager who lies to her best friend about losing her virginity to spread a rumor about herself in school. The role was a perfect fit to show stone’s amazing comic side. She got a Golden Globe nomination for her character of Olive.

Emma Stone Movies- Easy A

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#5 Crazy, Stupid Love

Crazy, Stupid Love is one of my favorite Emma Stone movies. Who else can change a womanizer with looks of a Greek God to a straight one-woman man in a night? The character of Hannah has a short screen timing but it manages to steal hearts in that little time too. I guess that is the beauty of Emma Stone, she makes even the smallest role she plays into a memorable character. Her wit and charm makes her worthy of appreciation and the chemistry between Emma and Ryan is beyond us mortals.

Emma Stone Movies- Crazy , Stupid Love

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#6 Magic in the Moonlight

The movie was a little cliché and bland but one thing that no one can disagree to was Emma’s amazing portrayal of Sophie Baker. Sophie Baker, a clairvoyant and mystic who travels to the French Riviera to practice her supernatural skills on rich and desperate customers.  Even in a disappointing plot Emma’s charm and youthful act helped to lift up the film.

Emma stone Movies- Magic in the Moonlight

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#7 Superbad

This Emma Stone movie was released in 2007 and remains special as it was her debut in Hollywood. In the movie, Stone had a minor role, the childhood crush of protagonist Seth. But this shows how Emma never needed much screen time to captivate us with her magic. In the movie, Emma teaches us what it means to be a ‘cool’ girl. The cool girl who can get a black eye and joke about it and even flirt with the person who accidentally caused it. Ladies and gentlemen, that is Emma Stone!

Emma Stone Movies- Superbad

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#8 Zombieland

What looked like an innocent and minor girl turned out to be a bombshell. In this Zombie-comedy, Emma didn’t only make us laugh but also showed us how she can be bad-ass. Her character was so well played that it overpowered both the other leads at times.

Emma Stone movies-Zombieland

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#9 The House Bunny

Well, Emma stone is a little too pretty to be a nerdy girl but with a unique taste of charm and awkwardness Emma not only makes us believe in the character but also makes it one of the best things about the movie. This movie was a silly romantic comedy where Stone aka Natalie was the president of a failing sorority of misfits known as the Zetas. Again a small role but a memorable one that made the audience want to see more of Emma Stone movies.

emma Stone movies - House Bunny

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