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May 5, 2017

9 Ads From The 90s That’ll Get You To Watch Doordarshan Right Away

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It’s been decades since Doordarshan came into our lives. But the nice thing is that while we have changed, Doordarshan is still the same. If you ever want to re-live the 90s, you don’t need a time machine. Just tune into YouTube and you’ll be back in touch with Mowgli, Daaya-Baaya, Ballu Mal Shah and Chitrahar.

But while that satiates your quest for nostalgia to a certain extent, there’s still something missing. Yes, we’re talking about the ads. Ads from back then had a certain charm altogether that is somewhat lacking today. Take a look at just what we mean.

1. Dhaara Cooking Oil

I don’t know if Dhaara is still available in the market but this ad captured our childhood’s plight. How our favourite food always foiled our plans to run away!

2. Bajaj Scooters

Till today when I see a Bajaj scooter, I subconsciously hum “Humara Bajaj”.

3. Washing Powder Nirma

Have you seen a yellow colour washing powder?

4. Amul

A heartwarming commercial that will always bring a smile to your face

5. Bajaj Bulbs

Everyone can relate to this commercial, no matter how old they are!

6. Lijjat Papad

You don’t need a celebrity to sell your product – just a catchy jingle and a cute rabbit.

7. Pan Pasand

Want to calm someone? Pan Pasand to the rescue.

8. Rasna

Who remembers asking the hairdresser to give us the “Rasna-girl” haircut?

9. Maggi

After Maggi’s ban, we’re seeing this in our dreams.#wemissyou Maggi.

What’s your favourite advertisement from the 90s? Tell us in the comments.

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