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May 14, 2016

13 Zero Calorie Foods To Keep You Fit

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For all those people who want to go on a diet, it becomes such a tedious job as to look for food that may interest you. But we have something for you. Zero calorie food, isn’t that music to the ears and can put anyone off who is planning to diet? The name is not to be taken in a literal sense because zero calorie foods, in general, are those that burn more energy/calories on the being digested than the amount they contain. So the bottom line is, after consuming such food with no calories,  you consume zero calories.

These zero calorie foods just fill you up. These vegetables and fruits also do not hinder your daily dose of calorie intake, which for men is 2500, and for women 2000. These 13 zero calories will keep your tummy full as well as help you with your diet plans.

#1 Celery

Celery when eaten, feels as if nothing has been consumed; credits to its absolutely zero calories. It contains as much as 16 calories per 100gm serve. It’s stringy nature just makes it seem that it is there just to consume water. It contains small amounts of vitamin C, vitamin A and some B vitamins in it.


#2 Oranges

Oranges, famous for their content of vitamin-C, contain less than 47 calories per 100gm intake. Though the motive isn’t to cancel out the calorie intake in your body so much, just to keep the track below normal. It is one of the best fruit you should look upon if you feel the need of getting away from this scorching heat.


#3 Cabbage

Cabbage, known to cure heart diseases and cancer, also aids in weight loss. That is because the calorie intake is so low that you end up burning more even while doing your daily tasks. For about 100 gm of cabbage, you consume just 25calories. The best way to consume cabbage is to go for cabbage soup. It contains the lowest calories among most soup.


#4 Asparagus

Often consumed as a side dish, asparagus is considered to be the best choice as it is the most fibrous and satisfies your hunger. Total calorie intake on a 100gm would be 20calories. It is not much known but is the best crunchy and satisfying diet.


#5 Cucumber

Cucumber has so much water in them that it isn’t a surprise they are so low in calories, even after eating as many Cucumbers that make you feel full, you won’t exceed your calorie limit. It also works as a good beauty product, giving that extra glow to your skin. For 100gm of cucumber you take in only 16 calories.


#6 Lemon

The case isn’t that you would be eating lemons all day to ensure your calorie count, but it’s good to know that you can eat as much as you want to and still keep your calorie intake at par. Having a glass of lemon water in a hot summer day is always the best option, but make sure you don’t add to much sugar that it compensate with your calories. For 100gm of lemon, you consume 29 calories.


#7 Tomato

One thing one should know about Tomato is, that it is a fruit and not a vegetable. It lowers heart diseases and helps to prevent cancer. It has so low calories that it gets burned just by the time you cook it. One takes in just 17 calories while serving 100gm of the fruit.


#8 Watermelon

One of the most favored fruit in summers, apart from being full of water, watermelon even after being the sweetest is one of the zero foods. Watermelons are also known to boost your metabolism. You consume just 30 calories on a 100gm basis.


#9 Mushrooms

These fungi just know how to be low in calorie, so don’t think again while using them in a recipe. Just a 100 gm of a serving of this delicious eatery gives you about 38 calories. Though kids mostly run away from this dish,if you want to go on a rigid diet plan this is the one dish you should look for.

 #10 Broccoli

Are you that person who when gets a pasta search for Broccoli and throw it away? If you are this is something which will definitely interest you. It is a cancer-fighting food and is very low in calorie. If you consume a just 100gm serving of it, you will take in only 34 calories.

Zero Calorie Food- Broccoli

#11 Carrots

It is always said that a person with a bad eyesight should take in a lots of carrots from time to time. But it also comes in with a hidden agenda, where if you consume only 100gm of serving you will get around 24 calories. It may also help you treat inflammation in your body.

Zero Calorie Food- Carrot

#12 Apples

It is a well-known idiom that, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” It makes a great snack between meals to hold you over while on a diet. The fruit is very healthy and makes sure you do not get ill while on a hunger strike. With just 100gm serving it makes about 52 calories.

Zero Calorie Food- Apple

#13 Turnips

This is something which comes again and again in onilne recipes, but we mostly tends to miss it. This is the most healthy food for weight concious people. It is mostly used as a side dish. Total calories for per 100gm serving is 28.

Zero Calorie Food- Turnip

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