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June 11, 2016

8 Whispers That Hit The Soul Of Every Potterhead

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Harry Potter

The Harry Potter fandom is one of the best fandom. And Potterheads are some of the most creative people that you will ever meet on the internet.  Although it’s been a long time, the Potterheads just seem to increase in numbers day by day. Potterheads are proud to say that they are perfectly normal, thank you very much. But on the inside they aren’t. Harry, Ron, Hermione, Snape , Dumbledore, Hagrid and Professor Minevra will always be in our hearts though we still have to learn how to survive without them, and these confessions prove that how much we lean on them for support.

So, Whisper is an app which lets you make anonymous confessions with pictures but being anonymous clearly does not stop Potterheads from showing their true devotion towards the series, so here are confessions of being a Potterhead.

#1 Even when Potterheads are not talking about their love for Harry Potter, someone else is definitely talking about their love for the golden series.


#2  Reading Harry Potter makes everything better, try it if you’re ever going through a hard time.


#3 We share our happiness and love with others also. Share, sometimes. Force, mostly.

Confession 3

#4 We are crazy about everything. Especially, the spells.

Confession 4

#5 The hook-up stories sometimes make us look weird.

Confession 5

#6  And sometimes even our own bodies have somehow found ways to connect to Harry Potter.

Confession 6

#7  We wish to find someone who believes in the magic of Harry Potter, as deeply, madly and truly we do.

Confession 7

#8 But no matter what happens, Hogwarts will always be there for us.

Confession 8

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