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August 27, 2017

8 Visual Effects That Changed Cinema Forever!

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The area of filmmaking is constantly evolving with the developing technology. With every day that passes by, there is something new in the market to try and all thanks to technology, the films these days use the best visual effects to give a live feeling to the viewers. More or less all the movies use visual effects these days; there were some which get the credits of changing the cinema forever.

#1 Tron

One of its kinds of movie and the first to break the barriers of regular usage of visual effects, this movie was released back in 1982. Although the CGI used in the movie is nothing like what we see these days, this movie used the colors and the then used technology to create effects that were highly appreciated by the audience.

#2 Terminator 2

Released in 1991, this movie was a game changer for the film industry as it surpassed all the levels of technology that had been used back then. The T 1000 morphing sequence is something that takes your eyes to a level where you think if you are on a movie set or in the theater. It was due to the great work was done by the actors as well as the visual effects team that the film could win an Oscar. They used CyberScan technology and 3D effects as well.

#3 Jurassic Park

What more explanation of visual effects do you need when you actually bring dinosaurs on the big screen? Although they had designed many fake dinosaurs as well, but it could not have been complete without the visual effects. This movie used the effects to create illusion and the ultra modern technologies to get a natural feel.

#4 The Matrix

If you have to explain the effects in this movie in one word, it could simply be amazing. Matrix was one movie that left the audience completely stunned and constantly curious about what was happening on the screen. The best effect from the movie was to display various scenes in very slow motion which is also known as the bullet time. The technique was combined with time-slice photography technique to create the best effects.

#5 Gladiator

Shooting this movie cost a whopping 3 million dollars and the major investment was for the visual effects. This movie went a step further by portraying a person on screen through visual effects. When actor Oliver Seed passed away, the makers had to virtually create him and they did that by using body double and intense visual effects.

#6 Lord of the Rings

Not just one but all the movies from this series are splendid creations. The makers of this movie used the actor’s skill and then combined it with the visual effects to create a performance that was not seen or heard of before. The movie used a completely new and different style of movie making and the result, well we all saw that!

#7 Avatar

For most of the people, they did not understand the exact story of the movie; they considered watching the movie see how the visual effects had been used. This was one movie that broke all stereotypes and used every piece of technology they could have. If you thought that nothing could get better than the lord of the rings, your views would change when you watch this. One of the biggest budget movies, Avatar gained accolades all over the world.

#8 The Revenant

The latest in the list is the Oscar-winning actor, Leonardo Di Caprio’s The Revenants. The visual effects of the movie were so great that it even won an award for the best animated performance. Although the movie used many visual effects, it was portrayed in such a way on the screen that all of that looked natural.

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