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September 23, 2015

8 Things About boarding schools that will remind of yours

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Topics about boarding schools that you can relate with

Boarding school is really fun. Having been in one for 9 years myself, I can safely put it down as one of the best experiences of my life. But there’s a lot of stuff one discovers about themselves when they’re in one. You can relate to all those 8 topics about boarding schools like so much. Think about it – you spend at least 9 out of 12 months at term, so you’re pretty much on your own. Take a look at a few truths I learned along the way!

#1 You’re perpetually hungry

For some reason, no amount of food seems enough for you. Your folks have given you deworming tablets, but honestly, it was pointless. You never had worms. You just had a massive monster of an appetite.

hungry cat


#2 There is absolutely no concept of fashion

You’re wearing your uniform. And there’s only one way you can wear it. The only way you can show your girls you’re the most fashionable of the lot is by getting a hot night suit. That’s really it.



#3 You’re culturally illiterate

You know nothing of outside, it’s literally like a cage or prison. Your TV hours were regulated. Your music hours were regulated. You had little or no access to the internet. You were a pop-culture-zombie. You know nothing of new song or new movie. You loose your hobbies & traveling – actually all those good stuff.



#4 You dread graduating school

Because that meant you’d have to enter the real world. And honestly, that scared the hell out of you. Talk about a lot of topics about boarding schools and not the fear of graduation. Not the deal! This is the most common fear that every boarding school student gone through.



#5 Boys were this segment of humans you had 0-20% knowledge of

The only people in your world, 9 months out of 12 were girls. So it’s no wonder you had no clue on how to interact with guys. And the few who could handle it, without bursting into giggles or fainting? Those girls were the stars. So being alien on the planet is all about your feeling when you speak of those topics about boarding schools disasters.



#6 Your friends were your family

Whenever you have been asked –  what are those most popular topics about boarding schools you love to gossip about?  What is the first thing pop up into your head?  Of course – Friends!  Friends are all about life when you are living in the life of boarding school. You have all sort of friends. You have a friend who’s sort of like your mom. You have a friend who’s sort of like your sister. If you’re really fortunate, you might have a friend who’s like a grandma too. But they’re the family you choose.



#7 You have MAJOR adjustment issues when you come back and live at home

In school, you’re all for telling teachers to take a walk. Try doing that to your mom. Go ahead. I dare you. I double dare you.



#8 The barter system, for all practical purposes, is very much alive

“You give me your jalebis after lunch, and I’ll give you my gulab jamun. Deal?”

That’s the deal you use to habitual of  – all the barter system exchange in the mess. One of those usual topics about boarding schools that mostly discussed. I know, you too have been gone through this.



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