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August 13, 2016

8 Super Cool 90s Fashion That Made A Successful Comeback in India

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Return of Fashion

Fashion trends go and after some years they make a successful comeback. So next time, you think of throwing away that dress, keep it safe with you as after some years you might need that again. 90s were totally amazing. That melodious indie pop era and stylish fashion trends were a total go-go. But now as 90s trends are making a successful comeback in 2016, you might need to take some fashion advice from your parents. Before you think of making fun of your mom because of that flared high waist jeans she had worn in that family photo, keep in mind it is totally in nowadays.

Let’s take a look at fashion trends that are totally in, in 2016.

#1 Chokers

The choker made a stylish comeback from 90s era and now you can see Kim Kardashian, our very own style diva of Bollywood, Sonam Kapoor wearing chokers. It is a close-fitted stylish neckpiece made up of lace, leather, plastic, velvet or even gold or silver. You can wear it again and again. It doesn’t interfere with your dress or shirt. It can make your boring outfit so hot. So the next time, you are in dilemma wear a choker and see how you are turning heads.

#2 Dungarees

I remember wearing dungarees when I was a child back in the 90s and I was amazed when I saw dungarees all over the market after so many years. It made be so nostalgic. Celebrities all over the world are seen wearing it with a shirt, crop tops, tees or bralettes. If you don’t have one, ask you mom if she has her  pair of old dungarees from the 90s. And how can you forget Kajol wearing one in Kuch Kuch Hota hai?

#3 Crop tops

Crops were so in trend in the 90s. Karisma Kapoor, Rani Mukherjee, and more Bollywood actresses were seen rocking crops in 90s movies. But now it is back with a bang. Pair your crop with your favorite high waisted jeans or joggers or your old long skirt. If you don’t have one, you can DIY one easily.

#4 High waist jeans

Do you remember your dad or mom wearing high waisted jeans in the 90s or Bollywood stars wearing it in movies? Well, if yes feel lucky. Take some advice from your dad or mom now about how they styled it. And it might help you. These jeans can be worn with crop tops, shirt tucked in, t-shirts tucked in or however you like.

#5 Baggy loose jeans

Yes, that old thing now exists in every fashionista’s wardrobe. These pair of jeans is very comfortable in wearing yet look very stylish.

#6 Floral prints

You might feel floral was tacky back in the early 2000s but they were very famous in 90s. But now, our very own fashion gods are seen wearing floral prints everywhere. They look so fresh and make you feel happy-go-lucky. Strappy dresses, floral dresses are a total trendsetter this time.

Floral Dress

#7 Sweater or shirt wrapped around waist

Next time you don’t know what to do with that shirt that is in your wardrobe for long. Wear a t-shirt and jeans of your choice. Wrap up that shirt around your waist and hey! Hello, miss hippy. This style was quite famous in the 90s; you can find some actresses wearing it in movies back then. So the next time you watch any 90s movie don’t forget to take notes down.

#8 Bag packs

You might have seen cute bag packs in the market for some time. But do you know the 90s have seen them before? Yes, they can be helpful in keeping many items in one place but they are more than that. Whether you are a college student or going out with friends for dinner or lunch or for shopping you can carry them out with total ease.

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