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May 28, 2016

8 Signs That Your Partner is Emotionally Destroying You

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You may not even realize if you’re stuck in your relationship until it’s too late. You’ve been so caught up in trying to make your efforts, your timeworthy and impress your partner that you’ve failed to notice how s/he may be pushing you into ocean of depression and pessimism. Eating away your positivity, bit by bit. Eventually, you will be engulfed into darkness. These 8 warning signs will help you notice if your partner is emotionally destroying you and its time for you to call it quits.

#8 You’ll Never Win

Relationships are not board games and it does not matter if you are right or wrong. But you will be always proven wrong no matter what because for your partner, the relationship is all about winning.


#7 You’ll always feel trapped

While you may love this individual but you will feel trapped and suffocated. You will notice that you enjoy time away from him/her.


#6 You can never make them happy

No matter what you do,no matter what. They will always make you feel as if you are just not enough.They have strong manipulative skills that will make you question your own efforts to the extent that you shall need validation from others that you are worthy.

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#5 They’ll remind you about all the times you’ve messed up

They can’t see you congratulating yourself and being happy on minor successes, because they don’t mean anything. They will remind you of their efforts,easily pushing away yours and declaring them as pointless.


#4 There are always two individuals

You will get to date two persons at a same time. Jokes apart. You will always feel as if they are suffering from a split personality disorder. Their reaction is unpredictable. They might shout or might laugh at the same thing.

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#3 They’ll use your weakness

You can’t stand not talking to them? This is exactly what they will try to suppress you.They will not talk to you for days to make you feel guilty for things you aren’t wrong at.


#2 You will lose your self esteem

You will soon lose the right to be angry because everytime you want to punish them, you will ponder over the thought that what if he/she leaves me? And you love them too much to even think of a break up.


#1 They will be your priority for ever

No the vice versa doesnt hold true here. They’ll make you choose them over everything. Just everything. Manipulation, tears, romance; they dont care what it takes. You have to choose them over.


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